Sign, Sign, Everywhere A Sign

Hesperia has been overwhelmed with political signs; They’re  everywhere you look, ranging  from huge monolithic ones to small pieces of plastic blowing in the wind.

Outside of our primary elections, every two years our community has the obligation and opportunity to elect individuals to oversee the workings of Hesperia City, Hesperia Unified School District and Hesperia Recreation and Park District.  In this year’s election cycle, each of the elected bodies will have three seats up for grabs.

For those that want to complain about the order of the candidates listed below, the order was again selected by the ballot draw that is done by the Secretary of State

  • On Hesperia City Council we have Bill Holland, Anthony Rhoades, James Roberts, Paul Russ, Cody Gregg, Russell Blewett, Stirling Christiansen and Christopher Elvert.
  • For Hesperia School Board we have Eric Swanson, Kelly Gregg, Maria Gomez, Hardy Black, Niccole Childs and Marcy Kittinger.
  • For the Hesperia Recreation and Park District we have Jack Hamilton, Rebekah Swanson, Michael Limbaugh and Kelly Gregg.
  • On Victor Valley College Board we have Dennis Henderson, Lorrie Denson, Marianne Tortorici, Adele Turner-McClain and Brandon Wood.

Each of the above candidates are looking for your vote this November 4th, 2014, votes that are, in part, facilitated by political signs that promote name recognition.  The city and county do have code restrictions that the candidates are supposed to follow; code restrictions that, as we can see, are often ignored

Our Hesperia is not writing this article to attack the candidates that have put up sign or pushed the legal limit, but to give the community additional information on what this 60 to 70 day window means to the residents of Hesperia and Oak Hills, as well as to Victorville’s Golden Triangle area across the I-15 freeway.

Our Hesperia believes that candidates should be responsible for their actions in reference to their political signs, and how they do- or don’t- follow code:

From Chapter 16.36.090 of Hesperia City Code . . .

  • Political signs may be displayed up to sixty (60) days before a scheduled election and must be removed within fifteen (15) days after the election.
  • Political signs may be placed in the public right-of-way, subject to certain exceptions to ensure safety:
  • Political signs are not permitted in median strip areas.
  • Political signs must be freestanding and are not permitted on traffic signs, trees, shrubs, bus stops, power poles, utility cabinets or other public appurtenances.
  • Political signs may not be placed within fifty (50) feet of an intersection and no closer than six feet from the curb. Where no curb exists, signs shall be at least ten feet from the edge of pavement.
  • Political signs may not be located within any clear-sight triangle and may not obstruct any regulatory sign or traffic signal. In no case shall any political sign be placed where it will obstruct or impede traffic visibility.
  • Political signs may not be placed on city or other public property outside of city right-of-way, such as parks, buildings, facilities or appurtenant landscaped areas.
  • Political signs may be up to thirty-two (32) square feet in area and six feet in height.
  • All political signs on private property must be authorized by the property owner.

Now, as we know what the rules are, there are many of you that may be thinking about a specific sign that may not meet city or county code, but Our Hesperia is trying to look beyond this by understanding that the signs are a product of free speech and a method of promoting name recognition for the candidate.

With the right of free speech and the legal right to place signs across our community there comes responsibility, and Our Hesperia would like to suggest a few questions for the community to ponder;

  • Does the message fit the community viewpoint?
  • Did the candidate or their sign installation team show the correct moral compass when it comes to abiding by Hesperia’s city or county code?
  • Have signs been placed intentionally to block other candidates’ signs?
  • How many signs does a candidate need to place to gain name recognition in the community?
  • And who will or won’t remove their signs after Election Day?

And there are vast number of questions that many of you would wish to add to the above list.  We, the voters, can look back at both the track records and achievements of our current elected officials to help us decide to re-elect, but we have very little time to assess the unknowns of the newer candidates and political sign will not fill this void of knowledge with catchy phases.

Our Hesperia believes that there is something to be said about a candidate in their method of presenting a message to the community.  Do sloppy or trashy signs indicate what a candidate thinks of our community?  Maybe; or, maybe not, but Our Hesperia does recognize the improper sign placement and unprofessional looking signs take away from the look and feel of our community.

Candidates, remember; attaching your sign to someone’s structure or chain-link fence, as well as respecting Hesperia sign code rules and sign appearance, can paint a very distinct picture of what you think of your community.

Now as most of Hesperia has received their “Sample Ballot and Information Pamphlets” we can start bring to light who can take our community to the levels we want to achieve.

When it comes time to vote, remember never vote for who you don’t know, you could very well be making it worse.  Find out who the candidates are, what they have done, and what they can do for you, then make the choice.

In the days to come I will be presenting Our Hesperia’s take on who (candidates) can help our community achieve the great heights that we wish to reach and also trying to understand the wide viewpoints of Measure M.

Our Hesperia


Hesperia, Here Are Your Local Candidates for November 4th, 2014

Hesperia 2014 ElectionThis year’s candidates are here!  Yes, every two years the voters of Hesperia have the opportunity to decide who will be leading and making crucial decisions for our community with the City of Hesperia, Hesperia Unified School District, Hesperia Recreation and Park District and Victor Valley College all having seats up for the November election.

In the past, Hesperia has had anywhere from just a couple of candidates to 14 for the same office.  This year we have eight candidates running for city council, six for school board, four for the park district and five for Victor Valley College board.

This is also the first year that one candidate in particular, Kelly Gregg, is running for two elected offices (Hesperia Recreation and Park District and Hesperia Unified School District) at the same time.

Only one Incumbent, Smitty Smith, chose not to run for reelection.

(The candidates in each of the categories below are listed in the order they will appear on the ballot November 4th, 2014)

City of Hesperia council seats (voting for three):

Current elected candidates;

Bill Holland (incumbent),  first elected to City Council in 2010

Russell Blewett (incumbent), first elected to City Council in 2010

Past candidates;

Christopher Elvert, last ran in 2010

James Roberts, last ran in 2010

New candidates;

Anthony Rhoades

Paul Russ

Cody Gregg, currently in his second year on the Hesperia Unified School District Board

Stirling Christiansen

Hesperia school board seats (voting for three):

Current elected candidates;

Eric Swanson (incumbent), first elected to school board in 2001 and also in 2010

Hardy Black (incumbent), first elected to school board in 2006

Niccole Childs (incumbent), first elected to the school board in 2010

Past candidates;

Marcy Kittinger, ran in 2010 and 2012

New candidates;

Kelly Gregg, who is also running for Hesperia City Council and Hesperia Recreation and Park board, simultaneously in the same election.

Maria Gomez

Hesperia Recreation and Park District director seats (voting for three):

Current elected candidates;

Rebekah Swanson (incumbent), first elected to the park board in 2006

Michael Limbaugh (incumbent), first elected to the park board in 1997

Kelly Gregg (incumbent), first elected in to the park board in 2010

Past candidates;

Jack Hamilton, who was on the Hesperia School Board from 1987 to 2006, was appointed to the Hesperia Recreation and Park District in 2007, was re-elected in 2008 and last ran in 2010.

Victor Valley College Trustee seats (voting for three):

Current elected candidates;

Dennis Henderson (incumbent), first elected to the college board in 1997

Lorrie Denson (incumbent), first elected to the college board in 2010

Brandon Wood (incumbent), appointed to the board in 2013

New candidates;

Marianne Tortorici

Adele Turner-Mcclain


Hesperia voters will need to consider whether the current incumbents have done a good job for us in our community, and can they, and would they, continue to lead in a positive manner.

Our Hesperia believes that the three local elected bodies (City, Schools and Parks) have done a great job for Hesperia and the candidates that have helped lead these local agencies should be considered for reelection.  The Victor Valley College board, on the other hand, has gone through its ups and downs, but may be on the right track if it can pull everyone together.

In the weeks to come, Our Hesperia will break apart the issues and delve into each of the candidates.

- Our Hesperia

Ref: Daily Press – Brook Self / Hesperia School Worker Arrested For ‘Inappropriate Contact’ With Minor

 Hesperia school worker arrested for ‘inappropriate contact’ with minor




Posted Aug. 16, 2014 @ 11:52 am

HESPERIA — An unnamed campus assistant at Ranchero Middle School, who also worked as a walk-on coach at Sultana High School, was arrested Thursday on suspicion of having inappropriate contact with a minor, according to school officials.

“This news is deeply concerning and we are cooperating fully with law enforcement as this matter is investigated,” said David McLaughlin, Hesperia Unified School District Superintendent, in a written statement.

HUSD officials issued an all-call message to families at the school Friday evening with a statement that was also posted to the Hesperia Unified School District Facebook page.

The male suspect was believed to still be in custody Friday evening, according to the news release issued by HUSD.

“He has been placed on paid leave and he is prohibited from returning to school grounds pending the outcome of the investigation,” McLaughlin said. “While the facts of the case remain to be determined, we want to assure our community that we place the highest priority on student safety, well-being and privacy and in assisting law enforcement in gathering the facts to ensure that justice may be served.”

District officials said when more information is available, they would take action based on “facts and law.” McLaughlin said they would work with the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department to provide updates and encourage anyone with information that may assist the investigation to contact the Sheriff’s Department.

Brooke Self may be reached at 760-951-6232 or You can also follow her on Twitter at @BrookeSelf or @DPEduNews.


The article was taken from the Victor Valley Daily Press 760-241-4411

Commets :

Sean Shea
It appears that the daiy press takes an active role when reporting inappropriate conduct by school personnel with front page headline coverage, however they are far less eager to reporting one of their own long time staff writers who was recently arrested for similar crimes.

Bill Neice ·  Top Commenter
Sean, Really? Who is this person? If your information is correct it deserves to be published, on that we can agree.
Renee Williams · Works at St. Bernardines Medical Center
I don’t believe this for one second! Please pray for this family, for truth and for his name to be cleared completely. And i pray hesperia school district who knows what kind of man this is would not make any quick decisions!
Don Cook ·  Top Commenter · Chapman University
And; do You also put a high priority on the assumption of innocence? Or; do You cover Your butts without regard to the individual? Yes; kids must NOT be exploited … that doesn’t mean that You have to hang the individual out to dry. This is still America; right?
Julie Jensen ·  Top Commenter · Victor Valley College
This is probably why they didn’t disclose the male suspect’s name. The assumption of innocence does not take precedence over student safety.
Bill Neice ·  Top Commenter
I find it rather disconcerting that so many of those arrested for inappropriate contact with a minor today seem to have connections to the Educational Establishment. Just what are the parents and taxpayers supposed to make of this?
Don Cook ·  Top Commenter · Chapman University
it is as easy as hell to make accusations against education employees, and this is aided and abetted by law enforcement, who make millions arresting them, and the prosecutors-who also make millions–and the alleged therapists who counsel the families. teachers, aides, and janitors are easy target for any hack out there, willing to make a buck.

Julie Jensen ·  Top Commenter · Victor Valley College
Bill Neice – pedophiles go where the children are. They go where they have easy access. They used to volunteer as Boy Scout leaders until the Boy Scouts of America became hip to that big pervert target on their organization. They also utilized churches desperate for child care workers or Sunday School teachers. Often these days, a background check is required at church if you work with minors. You can’t work for most Parks departments without a background check and you certainly must pass one to become a teacher. These are the times we live in and parents need to be aware of these things happening in their children’s schools. As someone who has periodically worked with children, I welcome the background checks as a tool to ferret out the creeps. I like kids and absolutely despise anyone who would harm them for their own pleasure.
Steven Williams ·  Top Commenter
Julie Jensen as a concerned parent I agree with you whole heartedly.

Dave Zuniga ·  ·  Top Commenter · Frontier High School, whittier ca
paid leave= vacation, this is not a punishment!

Bill Neice ·  Top Commenter
Dave, This is all part of the deal the unions and their paid for toadies in Sacramento have created. In the LAUSD there are teachers that collect their pay and benefits for years while their trials move through our dysfunctional court system at a snails’ pace.

Don Cook ·  Top Commenter · Chapman University
Bill Neice Yawn…another rant unconnected to facts.

Mykel Pickens ·  Top Commenter · Victorville, California
Punishment for what exactly? Has he been found guilty of anything? Are the accused not innocent until proven guilty? Now if this guy is found guilty then he should be punished, but until then he is innocent.

Ref: Daily Press – Letters To The Editor / Larry E. Hoover

 Proof required

Larry E. Hoover
Spring Valley Lake

Re: “Following voter approval” (Diana Carloni, Letters, Aug. 13).

Ms. Carloni asks where I was when Measure JJ was approved.
As I said in the letter Ms. Carloni was responding to, as a member of the oversight committee, I am not required to assume anything, or to take anyone’s word for anything. When we’re considering $53 million of taxpayers’ money, “trust me” doesn’t cut it.

Ms Carloni implies the VVC Student Activities Center cost $53 million. If that is true, where is the documentation?

If VVC were not saddled with a long-term structural budget deficit, and if the college hadn’t been on and off academic probation or warnings for years — and is now back on probation — I might have been of a mind to accept officials’ word for it. However, because of the continuing malaise associated with the college, I am not of a mind (nor am I required) to just trust anyone and take their word for it.

I insist on seeing the proof. Those who foot the bill, the taxpayers, deserve it. 
The article was taken from the Victor Valley Daily Press 760-241-4411




Ref: Daily Press – Letters To The Editor / Al Vogler

Double the debt

Al Vogler

Re: Lisa cartoon of Aug. 10)

The cartoon depicts the fallen mother of a grammar school-aged child, who has brought home from school a list of school supplies that he needs. The list is comprised of one item only, which is a “$207 million school bond.”

It is crucial to point out that the Hesperia Unified School District bond debt will be $536 million, not $207 million.

Several times now the idea has been reinforced that the debt is a “mere” $207 million. That figure represents only the face value of the bonds, not the ensuing massive interest debt. The interest debt would be created by using “capital appreciation bonds” which have been defined elsewhere as a “poison pill,” due to their catastrophic balloon payments after 25 years.

It is being widely publicized that the HUSD bonds will be for constructing new buildings and modernizations. However, a large portion of the money will be used to pay debts that HUSD created last year. Additionally, it has been suggested through the wording of the enabling resolution, that bond money will be used to increase salaries and benefits, again.

Lastly, a clause in the resolution states that HUSD is going to attempt to borrow more money than the state law allows. They hope to accomplish this by asking for a debt waiver. The state establishes debt limits as the reasonable amount that they feel will not create unfundable debt by school districts. 
The article was taken from the Victor Valley Daily Press 760-241-4411


Ref: Daily Press – Gary Brodeur / Hesperia Mayor Not Running For Re-election


Hesperia mayor not running for re-election

Smitty Smith

Smitty Smith



Posted Aug. 13, 2014 @ 6:47 pm

HESPERIA — The final list of certified candidates for the city’s three available council seats is set, with Mayor Thurston “Smitty” Smith out of the race.

Because Smith declined to file by Friday’s deadline, the filing period for other candidates moved to 5:30 p.m. Wednesday.

Councilmen Russell E. “Russ” Blewett and Bill Holland will compete against six challengers for a total of three seats in the Statewide General Election set for Nov. 4.

Smith said he promised his wife, Margaret, that if their primary house sold he would not run for another term on the Hesperia City Council, allowing them to travel the country.

“We had our house on the market for 45 days and we were ready to pull it off the market before someone got it,” Smith said.
He said his decision was not related to the recent arrest of his stepson on suspicion of drug and weapons charges.

“This has nothing to do with my stepson’s problems,” he said. “That is another issue altogether.”

Smith said he could not make a commitment to the residents of Hesperia while on the road traveling and visiting family, which are spread out all over the country.

“The future also involves moving to either Apple Valley or Hesperia,” Smith said. “Our bucket list also includes visiting Major League Baseball parks and national parks.”

The other candidates are building maintenance mechanic Stirling Christiansen, retired sheriff’s sergeant Christopher J. Elvert, law enforcement officer Cody C. Gregg, resident Anthony Rhoades, businessman/retired policeman James Roberts and retired businessman/banker Paul Russ.

Blewett said bringing in Wal-Mart and Stater Bros. during his mayorship were major accomplishments, along with the recent construction of the Ranchero Road underpass, progress on that road’s Interstate 15 interchange and keeping the city’s budget balanced and water rates low.

Holland said the five-member council has worked as a team through “a pretty dynamic four years” and its accomplishments include the keeping of promises such as no new taxes, maintaining fiscal responsibility and fostering innovation and a business-friendly environment.

For a separate election within the city, four candidates filed with the San Bernardino County Registrar of Voters for three seats on the Hesperia Recreation & Park District board.

Incumbents Kelly Jay Gregg, Mike Limbaugh and Rebekah Swanson will be joined on the ballot by Jack Hamilton.
Staff Writer Rene Ray De La Cruz contributed to this report.

Gary Brodeur may be contacted at 760-951-6245 or Follow him on Twitter @DP_gbrodeur.
- See more at:


The article was taken from the Victor Valley Daily Press 760-241-4411


 Our Hesperia · Hesperia, California
Hesperia, Here Are Your Local Candidates for November 4th, 2014

This year’s candidates are here! Yes, every two years the voters of Hesperia have the opportunity to decide who will be leading and making crucial decisions for our community with the City of Hesperia, Hesperia Unified School District, Hesperia Recreation and Park District and Victor Valley College all having seats up for the November election.

In the past, Hesperia has had anywhere from just a couple of candidates to 14 for the same office. This year we have eight candidates running for city council, six for school board, four for the park district and five for Victor Valley College board.

This is also the first year that one candidate in particular, Kelly Gregg, is running for two elected offices (Hesperia Recreation and Park District and Hesperia Unified School District) at the same time.

Only one Incumbent, Smitty Smith, chose not to run for reelection.

To see the list of canidates and read the rest of the story visit

Et Snell ·  ·  Top Commenter · MT
One down four to go. Every stinking one should be ashamed for not fighting the 18 yr old total nude bar that they let slip thru.
We also need some real women on the council that will fight where the good ol boys have lost there backbone and way. Every dog has there day and Smitty you are having yours or have you Clowns forgotten what you did to Rita.

Rita I hope you are looking down on us to see how things are turning out. You where truly loved and missed and what a true circus the Hesperia Clowncil is without you. You will always be loved and remembered as the first lady of Hesperia.

Catherine Abbott ·  Top Commenter · Victorville, California
You will be missed Smitty. You are one of the good guys and I have appreciated your’s and Margaret’s service and friendship for many years. You two are wonderful members of this community and shining examples of what being GREAT citizens means. We wish you two well on your upcoming adventures together and will look forward to when you return to hear about your travels! Garry and I support the two of you and whatever decisions you make for the next chapter of “your” lives! God Bless!

Irwin Schmidt ·  Top Commenter · Groomer at Common sense
After extending the deadline special for Smitty he decides not to run. Oh brother!
Randy Terrell ·  Top Commenter · Lancaster, California
This wasn’t done for Smitty…it is done by law in every municipality if an incumbent does not file, the deadline gets extended.

Julie Jensen ·  Top Commenter · Victor Valley College
Yah, it’s time. Thanks for your service, Smitty. I’d like to see two others do the same thing. It blows my mind how some politicians.claim things that would have happened regardless of who was in office as their personal accomplishments.
Julie Jensen ·  Top Commenter · Victor Valley College
I have to add, Smitty runs a good meeting – mostly fair to everyone. If you attend these meetings, you really appreciate someone who can keep things going.

Robert Larivee · Candidate at Candidate for California State Assembly 33rd District
I met Smitty and got to know him during the past primary race for State Assembly. He is fine gentleman and a loss to the City of Hesperia.

He will really enjoy seeing those major league ball parks, I did!

At this point, until I get to know the other candidates, I am looking to support Cody Gregg and Bill Holland.

A major issue in this campaign will be the candidates position in dealing with the ever growing problem of homelessness in the City.

Two years ago the Council made a bad decission in not waiving fees for a homeless shelter that never got built. If they had waived those fees, they most likely would not have had increased issues.

There is a new effort to build a most needed shelter. How will the new council respond?
Anthony Rhoades · University of California, Riverside
I’d definitely like to take the time out to convince you that your support would be appreciated by myself and my team.

My name is Anthony Rhoades and I am running for Hesperia City Council. I am a blue collar worker, specializing in automotive circuits and electrical. I graduated with a B.A. in Political Science, analyzing behaviors between municipalities and regional government institutions and voting behaviors of citizens. I am passionate about developing policy and leading the way to leave behind a better place for our children.

Now, the issue with the homeless is that they are transients, shifting from one city to another. This isn’t just a Hesperia issue, so it needs to be a collaborative effort facillatated by local cities. Also, who pays for the place to be built, funding, etc? If the city waives the fees are they also on the hook for future funding? What happens to the building if the shelter closes? The city never recoups that money. I would definitely love the opportunity to hear this one out.

Thank you for your time. Please, check out my website for more information and Vote Anthony Rhoades November 2nd, 2014.


Robert Larivee · Candidate at Candidate for California State Assembly 33rd District
Anthony Rhoades Hi Anthony, your views on the homeless are lacking, but that puts you in the majority. Not to worry, I would love to have coffee and discuss the issue. I believe it is an issue Hesperia needs to deal with. the City in the past has thrown financial support to the High Desert Homeless Shelter in Victorville. This has only moved “some” homeless out of Hesperia. The homeless problem is growing in Hesperia as well in surrounding communities.

When I sent an invitation to the 2013 Help for the High Desert Homeless Summit only officials from Victorville responded. I intend to host another summit in the near future.

To effectively reduce the homeless population in the High Desert it will take a collaborative effort. Our efforts betwen 2011 and 2013 saw a reduction in the homeless population of 19%, though I believe thatSee More

Anthony Rhoades · University of California, Riverside
Robert Larivee I would love to sit down sometime and discuss this issue and others. You speak of collaboration, and tell someone their views are “lacking”? Then, make the same points in my response. I don’t know if that’s a good way to develop a relationship, but I don’t know what are your intentions. Personally, I tend to get along with all types of people and have many friends throughout the high desert and all different walks of life. 

With that said, I can see your point in terms of different type of homeless, however, not sure that it’s an issue running rampant. I have come from some low points in my life and have friends and family that continue to struggle in this economic environment, but I don’t hear much about the everyday citizen suffering without a place to stay. Now that doesn’t mean its not important, but the burd See More

John Gregor · Harvard University
Yes like the ranchero project! Smitty, Holland and Blewitt all set themselves up for positioning for this upcoming election. Watch and see who contributes to Holland, Blewitt and Russ!
Julie Jensen ·  Top Commenter · Victor Valley College
Um… Blewitt and Russ are the same person…

Xenia Szabo ·  Top Commenter · Hesperia, California
Julie, I believe John was referring to Paul Russ, the candidate, by his last name.


Ref: Daily Press – Letters To The Editor / Diana J. Carloni

Following voter approval

Diana J. Carloni

Re: “Follow the Money” (Larry Hoover, Letters, Aug. 11)

Mr. Hoover and Marshall Kagan have made an issue of Measure JJ bond proceeds (approved by voters) that is not only false and misleading but an affront to those voters, who specifically approved bond projects, set forth in the Measure itself. It further attempts to tie the Citizens Bond Oversight Committee (CBOC) to issues that are beyond the committee’s jurisdiction.

Measure JJ allows Victor Valley College (VVC) to engage in and pay for capital projects — buildings, facilities, mechanical systems — all to improve and expand its campus. The measure specifically called for the repayment of the Certificates of Participation (COPs) which built the Student Activities Center (SAC). The voters were told this and the voters approved it. Thus the use of the funds to repay the COPs is not a wrongful use of the funds.

Mssrs. Hoover and Kagan insist it is, because VVC received reimbursement funds from the State of California for the construction of the SAC and did not use them to pay the COPs. Prior boards and administrations used those funds for other purposes as it was legally allowed to do. Mssrs. Hoover and Kagan have been told this repeatedly.

As a former chair of the CBOC (for four years), I know that body is charged with ensuring that expenditures, under the measure as adopted, are proper. It is the eyes of the community verifying the college spends the money as it promised it would. The CBOC has no authority, by its founding documents or the law, to trace funds, criticize or question decisions of prior trustees or otherwise waste taxpayer money in unnecessary witchhunts. I resent the efforts of Hoover/Kagan, both as a voter and as a taxpayer.

Where were Marshall Kagan and Larry Hoover when the COPs were acquired? Or when the state money was received? Where were they when the measure was on the ballot? If they thought something was wrong, they should have questioned it then. If Hoover and Kagan want to go to the authorities, start an investigation etc., it is their right to do so. But don’t waste valuable time trying to undo what the voters approved, when there are so many other issues at VVC that require attention.


The article was taken from the Victor Valley Daily Press 760-241-4411


  • Al Vogler ·  Top Commenter

    The real issues behind the JJ Bonds are credibility and what is believed to be the use of capital appreciation bonds. The college and it’s officials have been asked in the past about the CAB’s, more than once, and they have never answered. I noticed in the above comments that the capital appreciation bonds, which have been described elsewhere as “…poison pills,” were not even mentioned. The JJ Bonds were approved by the voters but most voters had no idea what they were voting for. If all of the $280 million plus of the JJ Bonds had been sold, the 40 year pay-off would have been close to $ 1 BILLION dollars. Voters were told that they would pay $50-60 dollars a year for JJ if they owned an average valley home. College officials noted prior to the election that if all of the bonds were sold, the voters would be paying several hSee More

Ref: San Bernardino County Sentinel – Mark Gutglueck / Brady Calls Wagner Right Candidate To Meet Challenges At VVCC

Brady Calls Wagner Right Candidate To Meet Challenges At VVCC

(July 2)  VICTORVILLE —Vic tor Valley College Board Member Joe Brady this week expressed absolute confidence in the future prospects of the college as the result of the appointment of former Copper Mountain College president Roger Wagner to serve as the permanent replacement of  departed Victor Valley College superintendent/president Christopher O’Hearn.

The college, which had faced challenges relating to its accreditation since 2011, saw those issues finally redressed in February while the college was under the interim guidance of Peter Allan. Allan had been acting as college superintendent since shortly after the board last year declined to renew O’Hearn’s contract.

There had been dissension on the board relating to perceptions about the alacrity and effectiveness of O’Hearn’s response to a series of moves by the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges which placed the college’s accreditation into a state of warning or probation. In February the accrediting commission signaled the college’s status in academic limbo was ended. Shortly thereafter, however, the college lurched into yet another crisis as it was learned that the college is burdened with a $6.3 million deficit in its budget.

Allan, who had come out of retirement to oversee the college over the last 12 months, retreated into retirement at the close of the fiscal year on Monday.
Wagner, who served in the Air Force prior to obtaining a bachelors degree in social science from the University of the Philippines, a master’s degree in organizational management from the University of Phoenix and a doctorate in educational leadership from the University of Nebraska, served as part-time faculty in the disciplines of administration of justice, management, and sociology for Labette Community College in Kansas, Crowder College in Missouri, and Los Angeles Metropolitan College Overseas before becoming the dean of career and technical education, the dean of economic development, and associate dean of instruction at Crowder College in Missouri. He came to Copper Mountain College as the vice president for academic affairs in July of 2007 and acceded to the position of that college’s superintendent/president in July of 2008.

Wagner competed against four other college administrators during the superintendent/president recruitment effort at Victor Valley College. Those included Chaffey College administrator Sherrie Guerrero; Nicholas O. Akinkuoye, an administrator with the City College of San Francisco; Dr. Christopher Villa, the vice president of student services at Fresno City College; and Dr. Luis Sanchez. Even before the board conducted formal interviews with any of the candidates, rumors surfaced that Wagner was a shoo-in to get the position. Subsequently, Guerrero and Akinkuoye dropped out of the competition in late May. After the interviews, the position was formally offered to him and he was subsequently hired on a contract running from July 15 to June 30, 2017 at $192,000 annually plus stipends and benefits.
There was immediate second guessing of the hiring decision from some quarters of the community, with charges that the competition had been fixed from the outset and that Wagner had been anointed very early on.

Brady dismissed such suggestions, saying the competition had been above board and fierce, resulting in a “decision that we all felt was in the best interest of VVC, our students (our stakeholders, stockholders and shareholders), our employee partners, the taxpayers and voters.”
The outcome was not predetermined, Brady said.

“I will assure you, the Pope and the world that there was ‘no deal’ done before we heard from him and we fully vetted the other candidates,” Brady said.  “We got a full – and I mean a full – debriefing on each candidate. The only thing we did not find out was the type of toothpaste they used. It was a very, very impressive background check. I never looked at the names until they were given to us and even then I did not pay any attention until the first interview. Each candidate was given one hour and 15 minutes, as I remember, for the interview. There were, I think, 12 predetermined questions and no one left the room with the questions. There were a number of protections put into place, so there was no ‘tampering’ as I say a few years earlier.”

Anyone seeing something untoward in Guerrero and Akinkuoye’s early exodus from the competition are reading something into the situation that is not there, Brady said.

“The others dropped out for reasons I cannot state, none having to do with Dr. Wagner,” Brady said. “Candidates drop out sometimes after their candidacy becomes public. Maybe their school offered them something that they did not have before? I do not know. I did hear that one of the candidates notified the media.”

Wagner has gone on record as stating that he envisions Victor Valley College becoming “the college of first choice for every community member that seeks a higher education or new work-ready skills.” He said he is ready to deal with the college’s accreditation issues because of his past experience as either a member or chairman of accreditation teams.

Wagner emphasized the ethos of “service leadership” he has adopted, which he said was an outgrowth of his having studied under Dr. Kent Farnsworth, who instilled in him the importance of emphasizing the concept of service as espoused by Robert Greenleaf.

Brady said, “I think Roger with this servant leadership style, his passion, his knowledge – he knew what he was getting into – wanted this opportunity and he prepared himself for it. I think he is the right person at the right time.”


Ref: Daily Press – Gary Brodeur / Ranchero Road Interchange Project Moves Toward Finish Line

Ranchero Road Interchange Project moves toward finish line

The Ranchero Bridge construction site is at or ahead of its progress prior to the May fire that destroyed the bridge's falswork. Concrete pouring is expected to begin in the middle of August.  (James Quigg, Daily Press)

Hesperia Rancher Bridge

Posted Aug. 7, 2014 @ 4:51 pmHESPERIA — Local commuters are going to get a gift in time for the holidays, but they’ll have to endure some Interstate 15 lane closures first.
The Ranchero Road Interchange Project will require partial freeway closures Monday and Tuesday for the first concrete pour of the new bridge, San Bernardino Associated Governments announced.
Paving crews will then work on the ramps and portions of Ranchero Road heading east, away from the upcoming interchange.
Additional concrete pours on the new bridge will continue through September and into October. Wooden support structure removal is expected prior to Thanksgiving.
Lighting, striping and other safety features will then be added before opening the new bridge by the end of the year, officials say.
“It’ll be a Christmas present,” Hesperia Mayor Thurston “Smitty” Smith said.
The construction is roughly back to the point where it was on May 5, when a torch used to cut steel rebar ignited the supporting wooden falsework. The bridge burned and collapsed, causing a two-day freeway closure.
The closure details for next week:
• 9 p.m. Monday to 5 a.m. Tuesday for southbound I-15 between Oak Hill Road and Highway 395 — two inside lanes will be closed from 9 to 11 p.m. and a full southbound closure will be in force from 11 p.m. to 5 a.m. Ranchero Road ramps will be used as a detour during the full closure.
• 9 p.m. Tuesday to 6 a.m. Wednesday for northbound I-15 between Oak Hill Road and Highway 395 — two inside lanes will be closed from 9 p.m. to midnight and a full northbound closure is scheduled from midnight to 6 a.m. Ranchero Road ramps will be used as a detour during the full closure.
Motorists should expect delays during this activity.
SANBAG said the closures are necessary so crews can review and prepare the wooden falsework needed for pouring concrete for the new Ranchero Road bridge over the interstate.
Gary Brodeur may be contacted at 760-951-6245 or Follow him on Twitter @DP_gbrodeur.


The article was taken from the Victor Valley Daily Press 760-241-4411


William CrazyLacy Furmage ·  Top Commenter · Boss man at RAD Riders Against Discrimination
If it would only lead people to a high end bike / skateboard park, That lime street park is a joke!

Irwin Schmidt ·  Top Commenter · Groomer at Common sense
I wonder if they ever settled who pays for the fire?

William Masters ·  ·  Top Commenter · Journeyman/turbine mechanic at Union Millwright
Construction insurance should cover it.


Ref: Daily Press – Staff / Hesperia Chamber To Host State Of The City Luncheon


Hesperia Chamber to host State of the City luncheon

City of Hesperia

City of Hesperia

Posted Aug. 6, 2014 @ 12:01 am

HESPERIA —  The Hesperia Chamber of Commerce will host a State of the City Luncheon from noon to 1:15 p.m. Aug. 18 at the Courtyard by Marriott on Mariposa Road.
The status of the Ranchero Overpass and information about new businesses opening in 2014 are two of the topics that will be covered.
Register online at
- See more at:


The article was taken from the Victor Valley Daily Press 760-241-4411




Ref: Daily Press – Gary Brodeur / Hesperia Council Ammends Sex-Offender Code


Hesperia council amends sex-offender code

City of Hesperia

Posted Aug. 5, 2014 @ 8:06 pm

HESPERIA — The City Council on Tuesday approved amendments to its code regulating the movement and activities of registered sex offenders.

Also during the unusual afternoon session, the council continued the hearing on a $6 million bond issue for housing improvements and Mayor Thurston Smith read a statement about the recent arrest of his stepson.

Since the code amendments regarding sex offenders failed to pass on its first reading before only three council members July 15 and the item was tabled for later consideration, the city and Councilman Russ Blewett were sued by a registered sex offender represented by attorney Janice Bellucci, of Santa Maria, president of California Reform Sex Offender Laws.

The vote was 4-1 to approve the resolution that would bring Hesperia’s code in line with recent court decisions giving superiority to state laws on the matter.

“It’s my protest against sex offenders,” lone dissenter Blewett said after the meeting. “I think if there are things worth being sued over, it’s (the welfare of) children and women.”

Hesperia was the 15th California municipality to be sued over its existing code. Assistant City Attorney Jeff Malawy would not comment on how passage of the resolution might affect the existing litigation.

Blewett said, “I don’t want to hurt my colleagues but it just violates my value system.”

The council continued the hearing to consider issuing Multifamily Housing Revenue Bonds by the California Statewide Development Authority that would help to acquire and rehabilitate the Santa Fe Apartments at 16576 Sultana St. The hearing will continue at a 3:30 p.m. Wednesday special meeting.

Just before closing the meeting, Smith read a statement about the legal difficulties of his stepson, who was renting a house from him and is accused of possessing narcotics while armed.

Smith said after the meeting he and his wife hope their son, Francis Hansen, will return to sober living.

“He has two choices,” Smith said. “Either he goes into drug or alcohol rehab … or we evict him” and sell the house.

Gary Brodeur may be contacted at 760-951-6245 or Follow him on Twitter @DP_gbrodeur.


The article was taken from the Victor Valley Daily Press 760-241-4411


Julie Benghazi Jensen ·  Top Commenter · Victor Valley College
Perhaps women and children should sue the State. Too bad we can’t sue all the sex offenders who have ruined countless lives – but we have to consider them first, like they’re human.
Scott David Murphy ·  Top Commenter · Hesperia, California
Julie, what should one expect from court cases from judges within this state? All they do is protect the criminals while doing nothing to prevent crimes against the populous?

Shelly Stow ·  Top Commenter
Scott David Murphy , it is not the job of judges to prevent crimes. Remember the separation of powers? Nor is your first statement valid, and, again, that is not within the province of the judicial branch. Only the legislative branch can pass legislation determining what is and is not against the law and the corresponding penalties. In fact, laws and penalties grow harsher and more inclusive with each legislative session.

Robert Self
Really scott? Is that why judges throw people in prison for committing crimes? To protect the criminal and not the people? Think about your argument there.

Robert Self
Not human Julie? Really? I wonder if you are a Christian. If you are, shame on you! If not, I suggest that you look inside yourself and realize that we are all human beings and we all make mistakes. Do you personally know any sex offenders? Many get out of prison and try to lead productive, crime free lives but unfortunately society has the same view of them as you do and wont allow them to reintegrate back into society. What a shame people don’t take the time to educate themselves on matters before they add to all the hysteria!

Et Snell ·  ·  Top Commenter · MT
Hesperia needs to fight sexual exploitation of teenagers and throw bunnies out of town. 18 is to young for many youngsters to preform total nude. 21 is bad enough but 18 in dead wrong
Irwin Schmidt ·  Top Commenter · Groomer at Common sense

Brian Hatchell ·  Top Commenter · Senior Technical Consultant at Messaging Architects
We’ll allow all the sexual predators to live where they want, but we cannot have Medical Marijuana dispensaries for the ill who have had it prescribed by a doctor. Just who is setting priorities over there? Both are California law, but only one gets attention.

Tom Trull ·  Top Commenter · Boston Latin School
I agree they should amend the sex code and send then all to Alcatraz or Devil’s Island. There is no logical reason they should be in the general population around women and children.Additionally with their new found freedom they bear the responsibility not to commit additional crimes. if they do they should be shot on the spot.
Shelly Stow ·  Top Commenter
Tom, very, very few will commit an additional sex crime. Very, very few either cannot or will not prove themselves fit to be in the general population. And should you be one willing to take a gun and shoot someone “on the spot,”–before a trial or court proceedings and a finding of guilty–or even afterward, then you will have shown yourself as one unfit to be in the general population.

Tom Trull ·  Top Commenter · Boston Latin School
Shelly Stow i think you better read up on the subject of sexual criminals repeating a crime. if the general public thinks that i am unfit so be it. Who cares? I’m wouldn’t lose any sleep over it. Maybe you should take a few of these repented sexual predators into your home and help them out, after all they are no longer a threat to society in your belief.

Shelly Stow ·  Top Commenter
Tom Trull Friend, without knowing you and meaning no disrespect to you at all, I would venture to guess that I have read a great deal more on the subject than you. If you have access to valid, evidence-based reading material that contradicts my assertion that the overall reoffense rate for those on the registry is low, then you are correct; I haven’t read it, and I would very much appreciate your sharing links or titles with me so that I may rectify that shortcoming.

Tom Trull ·  Top Commenter · Boston Latin School
Shelly Stow Go hang around the apartments at Bangor near the golf course. Talk to the women who feel uneasy with the deviates leering at them (and sometimes commenting) They cannot let their children walk the couple of blocks to school by themselves and so the mothers have to walk them but they are also scared.Is this the way someone should have to live? Would you like to live under those conditions? Sexual perversion and repeat of this crime is the highest of all crimes and is not curable .I’m not going to waste my time reading links and articles i have other things to do beside surf the computer all day. Good debate, but one repeater is one too many, and given the space to commit it adds to the probability it will happen. I am more concerned about the sweet young kid that gets abducted and if they get him/her back it is not the same kid subject to temper fits, debasing themselves and generally making it a hell for family and friends and this is a lifetime change. or the woman that was raped and is afraid to leave their own house.That’s who I care for . One victim is worth more than all the predators in the world. I have known a few of these cases, not personal, not close but it gets to me.

Julie Jensen ·  Top Commenter · Victor Valley College
This kind of unacceptable behavior is like a disease or addiction. Many can’t stop, especially pedophiles. They will spend all their energies trying to justify the damage they inflict on others for their own personal satisfaction. I’ve seen it. One who won’t repent cannot stop.

Robert Self
I suggest you take your own advice Mr. Trull and read up on the subject of sexual “criminals” repeating another sex crime before you add to the hysteria of the general public with regard to these people. “Sex offenders” have the lowest recidivism rate of any class of felonies.

Robert Self
Shelly Stow he wont do that. He is like the rest of society who relies on the hysteria and hype of the police, legislature and news media and not the facts. People like him do not want the facts because the facts would make their argument invalid and would leave them no one to belittle and beat down. Just remember Tom, let the government take away one groups rights and cheer it, then when tey start taking away yours, remember how eager you were when others rights were taken away. Its a true shame!!

Will Allen ·  Top Commenter
The City of Hesperia is a criminal regime that should be sued into oblivion. There is not one single American who supports “residency restrictions” for “sex offenders”. People who do should get the F out of the U.S. Further, since people who support the Sex Offender Registries harass and steal from U.S. citizens they should be *individually* identified and everything that is legally possible should be done to harass them and lower the quality of their and their families’ lives. That is what they are doing to other people.

Also, people who use drugs and have guns (e.g. the mayor’s stepson) are a danger to children. People who support the glorious Sex Offender Registries should be working very hard to get drug and gun offenders Registered. Those people must surely not know that they don’t even have a Registry for people who shoot other people and those people live right next door to schools and parks. The Sex Offender Registries, and especially the idiocy that they have enabled and promoted (e.g. “residency restrictions”), are not really for public safety. That’s a lie.
Xenia Szabo ·  Top Commenter · Hesperia, California
Really Will, not ONE SINGLE AMERICAN believes that there should be restrictions placed on sex offenders? I can tell you for a fact that this American disagrees with your opinion, and based on the comments below, I am not the only one.

Randall Pedersen ·  Top Commenter · Prime Minister of Social Networking at Fresh Entertainment
Mr. Allen, what you’ve just said… is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it.

Darling Analaarj Johnson ·  Top Commenter · Phelan, California
you’re whacko. The guns and drugs is just another way to confiscate arms and make the anti-gun lemmings feel safe and secure. The drug laws in general accomplish the opposite of what they’re purported to do.

Will Allen ·  Top Commenter
Xenia Szabo If you think it is okay for nanny big governments to restrict where people can live decades after the people have completed their legal sentences then you are not an American. It is that simple. Get out of the U.S.

Will Allen ·  Top Commenter
Randall Pedersen There was nothing rambling about it. Sorry it was not at your reading level.

Randall Pedersen ·  Top Commenter · Prime Minister of Social Networking at Fresh Entertainment
Will Allen yeah it was pretty rambling, it had no connection with the real world either. Sure sounds like you are just a boo hooing pedophile.

Will Allen ·  Top Commenter
Darling Analaarj Johnson Registries are worse-than-worthless idiocy. But if we are going to have the Sex Offender Registries then there are no legitimate excuses to not Register all other crimes.

I agree that drug laws are idiotic and have done far more harm than good. I personally don’t think it is any of my business what another person decides to put into his own body so I don’t believe any drug should be illegal. Who are these un-Americans who want to control other people so badly? They should try to mind their own business.

Will Allen ·  Top Commenter
Randall Pedersen Of course it had a connection to the real world. You are a liar. And apparently someone who needs nanny big government. Mind your own business and stop harassing people.

Randall Pedersen ·  Top Commenter · Prime Minister of Social Networking at Fresh Entertainment
Will Allen You can tell yourself all you want but it didn’t because the fact is an overwhelming majority of US citizen support these restrictions on sex offenders and I wouldn’t be surprised if the majority of Americans wouldn’t support making it a crime punished by death, I certainly do.

Scott David Murphy ·  Top Commenter · Hesperia, California
The City of Hesperia had NO choice in the matter, it was mandated by a state lawsuit that ruled what Hesperia had done was unlawful, the suit was not against Hesperia but another city within the state. If you all paid attention to the council meetings, you would see how outraged our council members were by this court ruling.

Scott David Murphy ·  Top Commenter · Hesperia, California
Will Allen, i support the restricting of sex offenders they are criminals that should NEVER be allowed back into society EVER! You are moron, making excuses, perhaps you are child molester.

Randall Pedersen ·  Top Commenter · Prime Minister of Social Networking at Fresh Entertainment
Scott David Murphy That’s what it sounds like to me too.

Scott David Murphy ·  Top Commenter · Hesperia, California
Randall Pedersen Yup, these sex offenders should have to live within a community of their own, without being allowed back into normal society, we have plenty of military installations that are empty.

Will Allen ·  Top Commenter
Randall Pedersen Well, you are going to have to think much, much more deeply before you can consider yourself an actualized human.

I did not say that U.S. citizens do not support “residency restrictions”. I said that Americans do not. The VAST majority of U.S. citizens are very uninformed idiots (which explains so much of the support for Sex Offender Registries (SORs)).

What you apparently like so much is the concept that if a person has committed a crime, then that person can be put on a nanny big government list and from that point on, for the rest of the person’s life, he/she can have restrictions/harassment/punishments/etc. added onto them whenever ANY criminal regime in the U.S. (or even world) gets the slightest whim to do so. You support a government list of people at whom special laws can be targeted. And I’m sorry, bu See More

Will Allen ·  Top Commenter
Scott David Murphy You are completely wrong. Hesperia was sued. Not only that but some of their criminal politicians were directly sued as well.

What you should have seen from your criminal council members was not “outrage” but instead an acknowledgement that they would actually look at reality and not act like grandstanding, criminal morons. “Leaders” need to act a little more responsibly than the mobs they govern. There is a HUGE, HUGE, HUGE mountain of EXISTING evidence that “residency restrictions” are not only ineffective and unneeded but that they are quite counterproductive. Informed people are not even debating it.

You can now return to ignoring facts and reality.

Will Allen ·  Top Commenter
Scott David Murphy Of course. I’m a “child molester”. What else can you say? That is as deep as you think.

Actually, I am an American who finds it outrageous that people think they can just target the hated group of the moment and do whatever they feel to them. I am an American who is trying to stop un-Americans from further destroying what should be the greatest country in the world.

Check out my last schooling of Randall Pedersen and maybe you can learn something. But I realize that learning is probably not your thing.

Randall Pedersen ·  Top Commenter · Prime Minister of Social Networking at Fresh Entertainment
Will Allen Your “schooling” of me? That’s what you call that? Wow I’m laughing pretty hard.

Julie Jensen ·  Top Commenter · Victor Valley College
The City of Hesperia is not a criminal regime. Your comments are not even worth reading after that nutso line. You obviously don’t know anything about Hesperia.

Xenia Szabo ·  Top Commenter · Hesperia, California
In Will Allen’s world the only true Americans are those who agree with his opinion..everyone else should get the heck out of this country….hmmmm, so he does not believe in freedom of speech, but does support freedom for lifetime registered sex offenders who are on that list by choice, their choice to rape and or sexual molestation.

Darling Analaarj Johnson ·  Top Commenter · Phelan, California
Just another way in which government helps the lemmings to feel so protected and safe. While actually accomplishing the opposite.

Billy Thompson ·  Top Commenter · California State University, Fullerton
Will they have to breakup the7 or 8 living at the country club inn on Bangor ?

Charlene Steen
Contrary to the misinformation out in the public, sex offenders have the lowest risk for reoffense of almost any other type of crime. And most sex offenses against children occur in the home of a relative or friend (over 90% of offenders are people you know, not strangers). The reasons most offenders commit offenses is that they are feeling frustrated and hopeless. By further limiting their access to most places in the community makes them feel more frustrated and hopeless, hence increasing the risk of reoffense, not decreasing it. And remember, many sex offenders are just kids who do stupid things like streaking at graduation, or at 19 dating a girl 15 (they are now in their thirties, married and have two kids, but can’t live near their kids’ schools, or under the old law, go to a park, beach, library, etc.). (And most rapes are date rapes, which are not repeated.) Charlene Steen, Ph.D., J.D.
Robert Self
Thank you Charlene for attempting to educate these people. Its a shame that the police, legislature(s) and news media in this country continue to fuel the hysteria and hype that “sex offenders” are unredeemable and cannot be helped. The served their punishment handed down by the state and are now expected to reenter and reintegrate back into a society who tries at every step to prevent them from doing just that. If there is a person here who has never committed a crime of any kind, please throw the first stone!

Xenia Szabo ·  Top Commenter · Hesperia, California
Why would the state legislators adopt a bill that sets their standards as the maximum? One would think those should have been the minimum standards, allowing cities to expand on the restrictions. The only reason that comes to mind was a fear that local communities would set standards so high that sex offenders being released from prisons would find it impossible to find housing anywhere in the state. The rights of the few are more important than the rights of the rest of society.


Robert Self
No Xenia, the rights of ALL are more important. The rights of the many as you state cannot infringe on the rights of the few, ever.




Ref: Daily Press – Staff / Hesperia Chamber Seeking New CEO

Hesperia Chamber seeking new CEO

HESPERIA — The Hesperia Chamber of Commerce is accepting applications to fill its CEO position. The CEO’s essential duties are to carry out objectives set forth by the chamber and to implement policy. The position is accountable for the success and efficiency of chamber activities, including program initiatives, membership recruitment, development and retention, fiscal responsibilities as directed by the executive committee, and maintaining a partnership between the Hesperia Chamber of Commerce and local businesses, governmental organizations and other chambers. At least five years of leadership experience with an intelligence for business is required. The cover letter of the application and resume can be sent to before the Aug. 15 deadline.

For further information about applying, visit the Hesperia Chamber of Commerce website at or call 760-244-2135.



The article was taken from the Victor Valley Daily Press 760-241-4411



Ref: Daily Press – Brook Self / HUSD Board To Reconsider Bond Election

 HUSD board to reconsider bond election



Posted Aug. 3, 2014 @ 12:01 amHESPERIA — The Hesperia Unified School District board will reconsider a vote to approve a $207 million general obligation bond Monday night, according to board documents.

A special meeting is scheduled for Monday at the district office at 6 p.m. and is open to the public.

The board voted 3-2 to approve the bond measure on July 28, but the vote was not sufficient to pass the resolution under Proposition 39, which requires a super-majority vote of 4-1.
If placed on the ballot, the measure will require a 55 percent approval of area voters, instead of the previous two-thirds requirement.
Superintendent David McLaughlin said last week that a recent tracking poll conducted on behalf of the district showed nearly 66 percent of local respondents indicated support for the proposed bond. If approved, the measure would result in an annual $58.58 property tax per $100,000 of assessed value, or $70.30 for the median-valued home in Hesperia.
Trustees Hardy Black and Cody Gregg voted against the measure previously.
The proposed ballot language said the money would be used “to repair, renovate, acquire, construct and upgrade neighborhood schools and educational facilities, including upgrading career preparation and job training facilities; upgrading classrooms, science labs, and technology; upgrading fire safety including safety doors, sprinklers, smoke alarms; repairing deteriorating bathrooms and plumbing; and removing asbestos and lead paint.”
The last day the board can file the bond measure is Aug. 8. Monday night’s meeting will be located at the Hesperia Board Room, AESC Annex Building C at 15576 Main Street.
The next regular HUSD board meeting will be Aug. 11 at 6 p.m.
- See more at:


The article was taken from the Victor Valley Daily Press 760-241-4411


  • Bill Neice ·  Top Commenter

    Apparently taxpayer funded stupidity has no bounds.
  • Jacob Churchill ·  Top Commenter · Works at Sikorsky Aerospace Maintenance

    Wow ironically aug8 is the also back to school night at local neighborhood schools inb hesperia. So how does one be at both places
    • Karen McLean Lanfranca ·  ·  Top Commenter · Mission Viejol High School

      Makes ya wonder, doesn’t it?
    • Al Vogler ·  Top Commenter

      One doesn’t wonder. Several bonding and debt issues are now before the public and the boards for vote. Hesperia City Council is going to attempt to pass more bonds tomorrow night, it is believed. Interesting how those issues seem to cluster for voting when voters are on vacation.
    • Karen McLean Lanfranca ·  ·  Top Commenter · Mission Viejol High School

      Well, it makes me wonder, where they come up with these figures and why so much, like we the tax payers don’t shell out enough money as it is. I could see 25 bucks, a one time DONATION from the community, I’m good with that but to call it an obligation? that’s ridiculous to me. what about the people on a fixed income? I would also like to see on paper, figures, the blue print’s, so to speak of what exactly they are going to do with the money received, proof of the actual cost of each project.
  • Our Hesperia · Hesperia, California

    August 8th is only the filing deadline with the registrar of voters, the meeting is tonight at 6:00PM
  • Brian Hatchell ·  Top Commenter · Senior Technical Consultant at Messaging Architects

    I would only approve a bond measure if I felt the HUSD was using the money they already have in an intelligent way. That is not the case. I am very disappointed still with the decision to create a new district HQ while there are so many kids in portables and without Arts or PE. Shame on HUSD for even considering this.
  • Al Vogler ·  Top Commenter

    This article is glossing over the bond issue. The bond debt will NOT be $207 million, it will be over $563 million. The HUSD Board should vote not to put the bond issue on the ballot and to re-examine the entire issue. Bond money will not be used to just build or re-hab older buildings, as is being emphasized. It will be used to pay debt that the BOARD already created and it will be used for benefits for union members. In essence the board is asking the voting public to vote to create perpetual debt which will never be paid off. A debt cycle, never ending. This November voters should remember the enormous debt the BOARD is trying to create and consider replacing those BOARD members who vote in favor of placing $563 million dollars of new debt. The behavior is irresponsible.
  • Ensen Mason ·  Top Commenter · Owner at Ensen Mason, EA, CPA

    They sell it as improving schools for kids, but they end up spending millions on solar panels that do nothing to improve education. Or iPads that last 5 years but take 40 years to pay for. I’m always surprised how many people don’t believe they pay enough tax.




Ref: Daily Press – Gary Brodeur / Council To Consider Bond Issue, Reconsider Sex-Offender Laws


Council to consider bond issue, reconsider sex-offender laws

City of Hesperia

Posted Aug. 3, 2014 @ 12:01 amHESPERIA — The City Council will consider and reconsider a number of issues at a specially scheduled 3 p.m. Tuesday meeting.

Included on the agenda is a resolution approving issuance of multi-family housing revenue bonds, revisions to regulations concerning registered sex offenders and amendments to the fine schedule under emergency water conservation conditions.
The bonds hearing would allow the city to issue up to $6 million in Multifamily Housing Revenue Bonds under the California Statewide Communities Development Authority to finance the acquisition and rehabilitation of the Santa Fe Apartments.
The 89-unit rental housing community at 16576 Sultana St. is operated by ConAm Management.
The meeting time is changed from its usual evening hour to allow for city officials and residents to attend National Night Out festivities scheduled from 6 to 9 p.m. at the Super Target parking lot at 12795 Main St. The national event is an annual, community-wide gathering with entertainment and education intended to blunt the influence of drugs and gangs.
The Hesperia City Council will meet at City Hall, 9700 Seventh Ave. Meetings are scheduled the first and third Tuesdays monthly.

The article was taken from the Victor Valley Daily Press 760-241-4411


Et Snell ·  ·  Top Commenter · MT

The Hesperia City Clowncil is in disrepute on yet another moral quagmire . On one hand they seem eager to protect and to serve there constituency. Yet on the other hand when we publicly view there decision to allow and night fight a 18 yr old total nude establishment geared for teenage sexual exploitation it should put us in question why did we vote for any of these Bozo’s in the first place . Mr Diamond the famous lawyer for the nude entertainment industry and freedom of speech where the two excuses I got from city staffers as to why our elected officials rolled over or should I say bent over and allow teenage sexual exploitation in Hesperia. How can our elected officials sleep at night when they know that studies show that teenagers who often times work at these establishments are graduates of a run away foster care system and most have issues of there own. How nice it is to allow the children raised in foster care a escape portal in life. Cause and effect. The effect should be the recall of the good ol boys with a 5 member council of good ol girls.
  • Al Vogler ·  Top Commenter

    Six million dollars worth of additional bonds to buy yet more real estate! The city owns dozens of properties already and should not spend anymore money on matters which do not directly benefit taxpayers. It was only weeks ago that the mayor said “…there is no more money to spend.” Then the city council went on a spending spree including millions of dollars for water. It is the taxpayers who will pay off the debt, not the city council. That this issue is on the agenda at a special meeting time of 3:00 P.M. demonstrates that the council was not interested in public input and agendized the matter when many voters are on vacation. Good choreography boys. Now, that is what you call “political spin,” council member Smith. On the other hand, I think Smith’s timing is good. So close to an election, there will actually be voters who remember the $6 million debt and vote accordingly.
  • Brian Hatchell ·  Top Commenter · Senior Technical Consultant at Messaging Architects

    They both sound like ‘No’ to me. Why would we want more apartment complexes and sexual offenders? ‘amendments to the fine schedule under emergency water conservation conditions’ is Newspeak for ‘We want to raise your water rates so we can improve the system to sell more water to new developments’. If there is a ‘water emergency’ NO new meters should be approved until the emergency is over. Stop conserving water so you can make developers rich. There are tons of empty houses in the city already.
  • Xenia Szabo ·  Top Commenter · Hesperia, California

    Is the city proposing to use funds from a bond issue to acquire, rehab and operate the Santa Fe apartments, or yo issue the bonds in order to fund the private ownership of the complex?





Ref: Daily Press – Brook Self / HUSD Board Strikes Down Bond Measure – District Seeking $207 million To Upgrade Facilities


HUSD board strikes down bond measure District seeking $207 million to upgrade facilities



Posted Jul. 29, 2014 @ 7:56 pm

HESPERIA — The Hesperia Unified School District’s efforts to bring a $207 million general obligation bond to the ballot this November fell short Monday night when the school board failed to achieve a super-majority vote of approval.

HUSD’s board voted 3-2, with the majority in favor of allowing the public to vote on the measure, officials said. However, under Proposition 39, the measure would have needed a 4-1 super-majority to reach the November ballot.

“I’m disappointed that two board members did not trust the community to vote on this important issue, and instead voted for them,” Superintendent David McLaughlin said Tuesday.

McLaughlin said a recent tracking poll conducted on behalf of the district showed nearly 66 percent of respondents indicated support for the proposed bond. The measure would have levied an annual $58.58 property tax per $100,000 of assessed value, or $70.30 for the median-valued home in Hesperia.

Trustees Hardy Black and Cody Gregg voted against the resolution to order the bond measure election.

“I voted no because I don’t believe there was enough transparency in the bond,” Gregg said, referring to a stipulation in the board resolution that would allow for bond monies to pay off debt.

HUSD owes approximately $105 million for two Certificates of Participation that were issued in 2004 and 2007, McLaughlin said. The debt was incurred in 2007 to build more schools, he said.

“I believe the board has an interest in retiring the debt (with the bond measure) especially the one approved in 2007 for $55 million, which was actually approved by Hardy Black and Lee Rogers at the time,” McLaughlin said.

McLaughlin said the exact amount of bond funds that would have been used to pay off the debt would be determined by the board.

A presentation by district consultants at Monday’s meeting stated that HUSD has held 45 meetings in the past year to ensure transparency and to allow community input.

Black said he was not opposed to bringing the bond to ballot, but believed it would have failed.

“The short answer is because I didn’t want it to fail, and I was sure it was doomed to fail,” Black said when asked why he voted against the measure. “In my 47 years in Hesperia we’ve never had a bond pass.”

Black also said he didn’t want a “bait and switch” maneuver to occur. And while there were at least nine pages of suggested facility improvement projects listed by HUSD consultants, Black thought plans for the bond funds should have been more specifically stated.

The proposed ballot language said the money would be used “to repair, renovate, acquire, construct and upgrade neighborhood schools and educational facilities, including upgrading career preparation and job training facilities; upgrading classrooms, science labs, and technology; upgrading fire safety including safety doors, sprinklers, smoke alarms; repairing deteriorating bathrooms and plumbing; and removing asbestos and lead paint.”

The bond language also calls for that independent audits, citizens’ oversight, and “no money for administrators’ salaries and pensions, and all money spent locally.”

The district has until Aug. 8 to order an election for the bond measure, and McLaughlin said the board could come back for another vote if a special meeting is called. However, no meeting is currently planned.

“We’ll see,” McLaughlin said. “I know there’s some work going on. We haven’t given up completely. It’s tough at this point for it to come back. If not, we’ll regroup and come back in 2016 and eventually we will get the facilities we need for our community.”

To see a copy of a presentation to the board regarding the measure, go to and click on “Meetings, minutes, agendas” from the drop-down menu under “About HUSD.”

Brooke Self may be reached at 760-951-6232 or You can also follow her on Twitter at @BrookeSelf or @DPEduNews.

Vicorville Daily Press

The article was taken from the Victor Valley Daily Press 760-241-4411


  • Bill Neice ·  Top Commenter

    Superintendent McLaughlin, With all due respect sir the two School Board members who voted against this measure have their fingers much closer to the pulse of the taxpayers than your survey takers do. It’s a proven and undisputed fact that’s been known for years that those who charge for taking a survey will word their questions to intentionally mislead those being surveyed to produce results that favor the opinion of those paying for the survey. If they didn’t they would not be in business long. The whole idea behind a survey of this type is to convince the Lemmings to get in line. It no longer will work.

    The problem all government institutions, who have used this form of slight of hand to convince the masses to back their schemes have run into now is that even the low information voters have realized that they have to make a decision. Either subject themselves and their offspring to ever increasing taxes, taking what little expendable income they have left after paying all of the onerous taxes already levied upon them for the failures of our government run institutions and their management, or to continue to pay their own bills, pay for a roof over their families heads, and pay the ever increasing prices for clothes, food, and electricity. And that’s only tip of the taxpayer iceberg sir. Were the average taxpayers’ wages and compensation levels the same as yours and those in the educational establishment and other government agencies it might be more palatable to them.

    If I were you I might want to consider thanking the two School Board members who had the insight and community awareness to vote against bringing this latest hairbrained scheme to the public for a vote. I believe it would have had an embarrassing outcome for the HUSD. Personally I commend Mr. Black and Mr.Gregg on their ability to see what would have been a train wreck at the polls.

  • Julie Jensen ·  Top Commenter · Victor Valley College

    It is a BAD business practice to borrow money for operating costs. School maintenenceand capitol improvements should be regular, expected and planned for business expenses already budgeted. The whole operation is headed for disaster if we don’t reign in the wasteful spending and outrageous salaries.
    • Scott David Murphy ·  Top Commenter · Hesperia, California

      Julie no doubt about that, not only they have hired people in the district that are not even qualified to being in the positions they are. This is nothing more than a cover up of the debt they have created, hell we have 6-8 new schools, the district has been handing out contracts to the same contractors that have done shoddy work for the district and then they want to bring forth bond?
  • Al Vogler ·  Top Commenter

    I would wager that not1% of the population in Hesperia is aware of what capital appreciation bonds are. They are a type of financing that places the debt years in the future. For instance, $10 million dollars could be bonded now and spent now. The repayment on the principal however would not begin for 25 or 30 years. In the mean- time, interest would accrue on the unpaid principal. At the end of the 25 or 30 year period all of the money is then due. Since most districts would not then have the money to pay the debt, they may then go out again and sell more capital appreciation bonds to pay the earlier debt. A vicious cycle. The repayment to debt ratio might be three to tenfold. That $10 million in bonds would then require somewhere between $30 million to $100 million to payoff. In this fashion, the Poway School district borrowed $105 million and the total cost to payoff was almost $1 BILLION dollars. In the Poway case the bonds were for forty years, which would be the same as your children and grand children paying back the bond debt. The Victor Valley College passed a bond measure, known as the JJ Bonds, for over $280 million dollars. Had all of those bonds been sold, the payoff would have been almost $1 BILLION dollars. Apparently Hesperia Unified School Board member Hardy Black understood full well the implications of the long term debt. One might ask what the hypothetical amount of $70.30 per year per taxpayer property would have been spent on, since it would not have paid for the capital appreciation bonds? Although not all of the bonds that were proposed by the HUSD were the capital appreciation type, the debt between the two types of bonds would have been over $560 million. Would the $70.30 per year tax have paid for all of the expenditures under the five different bond sales or would the $70.30 have paid for only the first bond sale with additional taxes accruing with each additional sale? Last year, HUSD approved over $50 million worth of certificates of participation which did not require voter approval. These certificates, in part, were to be used to pay off prior HUSD debt. The proceeds were not to be used to pay off the new certificates as it was stated that the HUSD would rely upon bonds to be passed in the future(2014) to pay for the certificates. Now, the bonding vote has failed. And thus, HUSD will continue to defer payments which will then have to be made by passing new and more indebtedness? Good day?
    • Bill Neice ·  Top Commenter

      Exactly Al, knowing how their underhanded bond system works makes a big difference. They get their money now and for generations the students they claim to be so worried about will be paying for it. The HUSD would have had the money on hand to have a continuing preventive maintenance and upgrade program in place if the union flunkies who have run the School Board for as long as I can remember had not instead voted year after year to give 80 cents of every dollar they received in funding to their employees in the form of wages, retirement, and health insurance compensation. In addition every time a district had 2 nickles to rub together their employees while expressing their “concern for the children” wanted one of them.
  • Barry Cohen · at Self-Employed

    This is important folks! Lead and Mercury are both horrible poisons that can cause real damage to your brain and body! Anyone that has been exposed to this, lead, mercury or any other heavy metals should deeply consider doing a heavy metal detox with the natural mineral called Zeolite that has been proven to safely remove mercury and all heavy metals from the body! For more information on this do an online search for the single word Zeolite.
    • Al Vogler ·  Top Commenter

      Hi Barry-did you attend the HUSD Board meeting? HA!
    • Bill Neice ·  Top Commenter

      Barry, Please don’t use a serious conversation to sell your snake oil to the villagers. Geeze.




Ref: Daily Press – Brook Self / HUSD Seeking $207M For Bond Measure

HUSD seeking $207M for bond measure


Posted Jul. 28, 2014 @ 2:32 pm

HESPERIA — The Hesperia Unified School District Board of Trustees is set to approve a $207 million General Obligation Bond election to repair and renovate school facilities, according to board documents.

In order to succeed, the bond must receive approval from at least 55 percent of voters in the Nov. 4 election. HUSD is also seeking matching grant funds from the state and must pass the bond measure in order to receive them, according to board documents.

The proposed ballot language states that the district needs the funds to “repair, renovate, acquire, construct and upgrade neighborhood schools/educational facilities, including upgrading career preparation/job training facilities; upgrading classrooms/science labs/technology; upgrading fire safety including safety doors/sprinklers/smoke alarms; repairing deteriorating bathrooms/plumbing; and, removing asbestos/lead paint.”

The proposed ballot measure also says that the bond offering will require “independent audits, citizens’ oversight, no money for administrators’ salaries/pensions, and all money spent locally.”

The Hesperia Teachers Association has come out in favor of the bond measure, with its “I Support Hesperia Teachers” Facebook page offering the following statement: “We feel that the successful passage of this bond is imperative for HUSD to move forward. At the very least, we feel that the voters of Hesperia should have a chance to decide if this ballot should succeed.”

The meeting to discuss and approve the bond election will be held at the HUSD offices annex Monday in a special school board meeting at 6 p.m.

To read the board agenda go to and click on “Meetings, minutes, agendas” under the “About HUSD” menu.

Brooke Self may be reached at 760-951-6232 or You can also follow her on Twitter at @BrookeSelf or @DPEduNews.


The article was taken from the Victor Valley Daily Press 760-241-4411

Comments :

Al Vogler · Top Commenter
When an article such as this is released only three or four hours before the meeting it does no good for the public to be able to plan to attend.