Ref: Newscaller – James Roberts / Hesperia City Council Member Russ Blewett Sounds Like Obama

Hesperia City Council Member Russ Blewett Sounds like Obama |

Let's Start stopping people. Statement

Let’s Start stopping people. Statement

Russell “Russ” Blewett, Hesperia City Council Member on 1-15 13 made some outrageous statements at the council meeting Monday night.  45 minutes into the event, Blewett spoke about the crime problem the city if facing and then it happened. Watch the video for the details. He sounded like president Obama willing to violate our rights to protect the masses.

This comes from a person who said he‘s a Tea Party guy, a defender of liberty. Well sorry to tell you. He sounded like a Neo Con “RINO” Republican in name only. You be the judge. Show #11

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