Ref: Daily Press – Brook Self / HUSD Seeking $207M Bond Measure


HUSD seeking $207M bond measure



Posted Jul. 28, 2014 @ 2:32 pm

HESPERIA — The Hesperia Unified School District is seeking a $207 million general obligation bond measure to repair and renovate school facilities, according to board documents.

In order to succeed, the bond must receive approval from at least 55 percent of voters in the Nov. 4 election. HUSD is also seeking matching grant funds from the state and must pass the bond measure in order to receive them, according to board documents.
If the measure is approved, the district will sell bonds to investors and levy a property tax on residents within the district to repay the debt.
The proposed ballot language states that the district needs the funds to “repair, renovate, acquire, construct and upgrade neighborhood schools/educational facilities, including upgrading career preparation/job training facilities; upgrading classrooms/science labs/technology; upgrading fire safety including safety doors/sprinklers/smoke alarms; repairing deteriorating bathrooms/plumbing; and, removing asbestos/lead paint.”
The proposed ballot measure also says that the bond offering will require “independent audits, citizens’ oversight, no money for administrators’ salaries/pensions, and all money spent locally.”
The Hesperia Teachers Association has come out in favor of the bond measure, with its “I Support Hesperia Teachers” Facebook page offering the following statement: “We feel that the successful passage of this bond is imperative for HUSD to move forward. At the very least, we feel that the voters of Hesperia should have a chance to decide if this ballot should succeed.”
The meeting to discuss and approve the bond election will be held at the HUSD offices annex Monday in a special school board meeting at 6 p.m.
To read the board agenda go to and click on “Meetings, minutes, agendas” under the “About HUSD” menu.
Brooke Self may be reached at 760-951-6232 or You can also follow her on Twitter at @BrookeSelf or @DPEduNews.


The article was taken from the Victor Valley Daily Press 760-241-4411


Ref: Daily Press – Brook Self / Muliple School Board Seats On Ballot

Multiple school board seats on ballot

By Brooke Self, Daily Press
Posted Jul. 27, 2014 @ 12:01 am


VICTORVILLE — A slew of school board seats on the ballot this November may bring different faces and politics to the dais, however, many current office holders appear to be planning re-election bids, according to San Bernardino County Registrar of Voters records.

In the Victor Elementary School District, candidates will vie for three open seats against at least two incumbents. Returning trustees Elise Brown and Gary Elder have already filed to run again while Board President Karen Morgan has not yet done so. The filing period closes Aug. 8.

Elder is a science teacher in the Victor Valley Union High School District at University Preparatory High School and has served on the VESD board since 2006 for two full four-year terms.

“Right now the Victor Elementary School District is on a roll,” Elder said. “Our enrollment is up, we’re fiscally sound… everything is going so well, it makes no sense to change things.”

Elder said the biggest challenges facing the elementary school district are adapting to the new Common Core curriculum and reducing class sizes.

In the Victor Valley Union High School District a battle is expected to rage for four seats. Three with four-year terms attached and one seat with a two-year term will be up for grabs.

Incumbent Timothy Hauk, a retired history teacher from Silverado High School, has registered to run again and Reverend Rita Jackson, appointed in 2013 to fill out former Trustee Derek King’s term, has retrieved the paperwork to do so. Trustees Evelyn Glasper and Duneen De Bruhl have not pulled papers thus far.

Amanda Buchanan, an English teacher at Silverado and chair of the Victor Valley Teachers Association Political Action Committee, said the group plans to endorse four candidates in order to shake up the makeup of the board. The VVTA PAC held interviews of nine potential candidates and invited each of the current incumbents via e-mail. Of the incumbents, only Hauk replied. The group said they’ll back him with funds, signs and support. In addition, VVTA will support local candidates Tim Norton, Penny Edmiston and Lisa Crosby.

“We feel the need to organize for this election because the current board has a history of making fiscally irresponsible decisions, in our opinion,” Buchanan said. “Now that Adelanto High is opening, we want Victor Valley High finished. We want the kids to get their programs and busing back, and look into making cuts away from the classroom.”

Hardy Black, 70, a two-time incumbent on the Hesperia Unified School District board and a retired Hesperia teacher of 38 years, said he’s pulled papers and will run for re-election. HUSD incumbents Niccole Childs and Eric Swanson also have pulled papers.

Black is a father of 16 children and his youngest child graduated from Sultana High School three years ago. In his first run in 2006, he said that he was backed by the teachers union, but has chosen not to take their support in the current election or the previous one.

To follow the list of candidates filing go to and click on Statewide General Election.


  The article was taken from the Victor Valley Daily Press 760-241-4411

Comments :

Our Hesperia · Hesperia, California

Brook Self, giving print space to one candidate over another can be unfair to the other candidates and can be very dangerous. Is the newspaper supporting one candidate over another or creating an unfair slant either for or against one or more candidates?

You have given press time for individual candidates by allowing them to campaign through the newspaper with their own quotes. If you contacted other candidates that were unreachable or did not desire to give a quote, please let the readers know this or tell the readers that the newspaper will allow the other candidates press time in the future.

Our local elected offices are too important to have the voters make decisions without all the facts.

Gary Elder · Top Commenter · Anatomy/Physiology & Microbiology teacher at University Preparatory School
With all the complaining he does I thought Bill Niece would be running. I guess easier to complain than to do something about it.

Ref: Daily Press – Gary Brodeur / Sex Offender Lawsuit Filed Against City of Hesperia



Posted Jul. 26, 2014 @ 4:37 pm

HESPERIA — The city has been who claims Hesperia “prohibits him and all other registered citizens from visiting public and private locations as well as residing within that city.”

The lawsuit is the 15th to be filed in the past four months in federal court against California cities and counties for their codes restricting the activities and locations of registered sex offenders.

“The lawsuit filed (Thursday) against the city of Hesperia is unique because it personally names City Council members who acted outside the scope of their authority by ignoring recent appellate court decisions which determined that similar ordinances were preempted by state law,” attorney Janice Bellucci said in a statement. Bellucci practices in Santa Maria and is president of California Reform Sex Offender Laws.

A Hesperia spokesperson said the city is aware of the lawsuit but declined to comment on it.

Three members of the five-seat City Council considered but failed to approve staff-recommended revisions to the city code on a split vote at their July 15 meeting. Mayor Pro Tem Eric Schmidt and Councilmen Bill Holland and Russ Blewett then tabled the resolution in part to reconsider it when the full council would be present.

The recommended code changes were the result of a recent 4th Appellate District Court decision, People v. Nguyen, in which the court determined the state “created a standardized, statewide system” to regulate sex offenders, according to Hesperia’s attorney.

The code revisions also were viewed as a response to Bellucci’s previous court filings against municipalities that failed to repeal or revise their ordinances regarding RSOs.

The Hesperia lawsuit and the previous 14 were filed on behalf of registered sex offender Frank Lindsay.

Gary Brodeur may be contacted at 760-951-6245 or Follow him on Twitter @DP_gbrodeur.


Tom Trull · Top Commenter · Boston Latin School
if they got the death sentence like they deserved to there would be no lawsuits.

Don Cook · Top Commenter · Chapman University

oh; tom … hatred does not stop hatred– that is an eternal law.

Tom Trull · Top Commenter · Boston Latin School

Don Cook You don’t get it do you? I have no deep hatred nor any feelings plus or minus one way or the other against most people. The simple fact is you commit a crime you are a bad guy especially a sex offender crime. if you don’t commit a crime you are a good guy. I don’t have feeling one way or the other.I don’t forgive if someone does me an injustice I will get even maybe more and I am totally devoid of all feeling . I neither feel good or bad. it is just something that had to be done.If you want to label me the best description would be complete and total indifference.

Don Cook · Top Commenter · Chapman University

Tom Trull i wonder what unspeakable acts done to You made You depersonalize to such a degree. i hope that You can work that out.

Tom Trull · Top Commenter · Boston Latin School

Don Cook Nothings happened to me I’m fine. I hate catch phrases but one I use a lot is “it is what it is”. Your psycho analysis of me is not even close you better hit the books again. Why do people get labeled by someone like you when you have no idea and cannot comprehend what makes someone like me tick. There is no underlying problem or condition that caused my “condition”. Trying to find a cause or reason why i am so cold and uncaring could drive you crazy, because you are looking for a reason when there is none

Troy William Here · · Top Commenter

Don Cook Bang bang Maxwells silver hammer came down on his head bang bang Maxwells silver hammer made sure he was dead…

Tim Wisinger · Top Commenter · San Gorgonio High School

Well all i have to say is Move sucker … you should be praying to God it was not my Kid or Grandkid you molested ……

Scott Reiboldt · Top Commenter

who said they were a child molester ? if that was the case I agree you. but “sex offender can mean a lot of things,

Scott Reiboldt · Top Commenter

and NO, i am NOT a sex offender, just saying you need more info.

DezertRatt Annie · Top Commenter

Scott Reiboldt Perhaps people DID check, as I did. Have you heard of the Megan’s Law web site? This guy is indeed a CONVICTED CHILD MOLESTER, as stated in my post further down the page…so now we know how the true perverts of the world-since they have to report these felonies to an employer (who does deserve to know and normally won’t hire them) have figured out how to make their money…they’ll find an ambulance chasing attorney, and sue. Wonder how this guy’s victim….scarred for life…feels about THAT. :-( Where are his/her rights

Scott Reiboldt · Top Commenter

DezertRatt Annie Like I said, “If that was the case I agree”

DezertRatt Annie · Top Commenter

Scott Reiboldt just wanted you to know what I’d found, not pointing a finger in any way!! Also hoping that the bleeding hearts out there see what I wrote, realize just what this guy truly is.

Janie Palubin · Top Commenter · Works at Work at home

Another stupid law suit that the panty waist courts will probably rule in favor of. Isn’t a decent law abiding citizen entitled to any safety anymore? Aren’t our children entitled to a sense of safety?


Robert Kenny · Co-Owner at ClearView Cleaning

This Is bullshit. Sex offenders are just that . sex offenders. . And I don’t want them anywhere that he can even look at my son let alone close to him.. those people screwed up huge and need to pay for it.

Sophia Almejo Bautista · · Top Commenter

I’m sorry but I don’t want them here or anywhere near children, I wish we could send them to the Galapagos or deserted island and let them live there amongst themselves. Wishful thinking, I know.

Veronica Hayes

Mr. Frank Lindsay shouldn’t have ANY rights. He should be banned to life at his house. Period.

Vic Allred · The Stolen

He doesn’t even live in Hesperia, Frank and his lawyer are doing nothing but extorting the State with lawsuits, we deserve protection against those committing crimes against a person!!!

Sheri Willis · Top Commenter · Bolsa Grande High

Yeah, because “the state” is so great at running things. Another BS ruling in this BS state. If you sexually assault ANYONE you should have no more rights!

Ref: Daily Press – Gary Brodeur / Councilmen, School District Governors To Meet Jointly


Councilmen, school district governors to meet jointly

Posted Jul. 8, 2014 @ 8:47 am

HESPERIA — A joint meeting of the City Council and the Hesperia Unified School District Governing Board to discuss items of common interest is scheduled Tuesday night.
Councilman Bill Holland said he asked for the meeting after a 7-year-old girl was struck by a car and killed March 6 on Peach Avenue. She had been crossing the street to get to her school bus.
Holland said the topic of school bus-stop placements would be discussed. Other discussions may turn on a possible school district bond issue, he said. Hesperia Superintendent David McLaughlin recently mailed questionnaires to residents asking for their input on schools. The superintendent provided a community feedback form for residents to mail back to him that listed nine areas for them to prioritize.
The one-hour workshop is set to take place at 6 p.m. in the school district’s Administration and Educational Support Center, 15576 Main St., Board Room B in Hesperia.
Public comments will be heard from those who complete a comment card and submit it to the city clerk or board secretary. The council and board are prohibited from taking action directly on oral requests but their members may comment or make referrals to staff members.
Gary Brodeur may be contacted at 760-951-6245 or Follow him on Twitter @DP_gbrodeur.


The article was taken from the Victor Valley Daily Press 760-241-4411




Ref: Daily Press – Gary Brodeur / Ranchero Bridge Latticework To Be raised In Early July


Ranchero bridge latticework to be raised in early July

Interstate 15 traffic passes through the Ranchero Interchange bridge. SANBAG officials reported the project is back underway and continuing at a pace to be done by the end of the calendar year.
Interstate 15 traffic passes through the Ranchero Interchange bridge. SANBAG officials reported the project is back underway and continuing at a pace to be done by the end of the calendar year. 

Posted Jun. 19, 2014 @ 8:02 pm

HESPERIA — The regional transportation authority is planning to erect more falsework, or wooden supports, on the Ranchero Road Interchange bridge over Interstate 15 in early July. The latticework will provide support for re-installing steel beams needed to complete the bridge.

The anticipated work will be done on the northbound side of I-15 on July 1 and the southbound side on July 2.

No lane closures are expected until then, and the work is subject to Caltrans approval.

“The contractor has been able to salvage most of the materials, and only five of the 121 beams needed to be replaced” following a destructive fire on May 5, said Wendy Strack, SANBAG’s director of legislative and public affairs.

“They were able to secure the five they needed, through splicing together shorter beams and acquiring a few of the longer ones from other local suppliers, and thus we can move ahead with the falsework in a few weeks.”

Despite the accidental fire that torched the temporary bridgework and I-beams ready for a concrete pour, the I-15/Ranchero Road Interchange Project is expected to be completed by the end of the year. It was on track to be finished in October, Hesperia council members said.

SANBAG Executive Director Raymond Wolfe and a Security Paving Co. Inc. executive will be at the July 1 Hesperia City Council meeting to update the council and the community on the project.

The City Council meets at 6:30 p.m. at 9700 Seventh Ave. in Hesperia on the first and third Tuesdays monthly.

Gary Brodeur may be contacted at 760-951-6245 or Follow him on Twitter @DP_gbrodeur.


The article was taken from the Victor Valley Daily Press 760-241-4411


Dan Harley ·  ·  Top Commenter · Owner at PrimeConcepts for Internet Solutions

Word of advice: NO welding when the wind is blowing at 40 mph…
  • Bill Neice ·  Top Commenter

    Ya think?
  • Steven Steele ·  · Owner at Steven Steele Productions

    They should name the bridge ‘The Phoenix’.


Ref: Daily Press – Brook Self / VVC Enters New Era

VVC enters a new era


By Steve Hunt
Posted Jun. 17, 2014 @ 8:29 am
Anew day is dawning at Victor Valley College. Interim Superintendent/President Peter Allan, who saw the college through a rough spot after Christopher O’Hearn’s departure, retires at the end of the month and Roger Wagner will take over as superintendent/ president on July 15.

Wagner comes with impressive credentials. He has been superintendent/president of Copper Mountain College in Joshua Tree since 2008. Copper Mountain, somewhat similar to Barstow Community College, is a small school that boasted an enrollment of about 1,800 in January.

Before that, Wagner was vice president of academic affairs at Copper Mountain, and a dean of career and technical education, dean of economic development and dean of instruction at Crowder College in Missouri. Those experiences should serve him well at Victor Valley College.

So, too, will his previous instructional experience. He was a faculty member at Labette Community College in Kansas, Crowder and Los Angeles Metropolitan College Overseas.

He also is retired from the U.S. Air Force, so he can relate to the many veterans who are enrolled at VVC and the new vets who will be joining the student body in the coming years.

Wagner has all the degrees one could hope for in a college president — an associate’s degree from East L.A. College, bachelor’s degree from the University of the Philippines, master’s from the University of Phoenix and doctorate from the University of Nebraska.

He’s been around, literally and figuratively. He has traveled the world, living and working abroad.

Best of all, he wants to be here and brings a vision for VVC.

He told Staff Writer Brooke Self he practices “Servant Leadership,” based on the Robert Greenleaf book by the same name. He said instilling that concept at VVC will be a priority, as will be creating an environment of trust.

From the outside, trust is something VVC could use more of, especially between the faculty and the Board of Trustees. Wagner will have to try to resolve that, but it is vital if VVC is to fix its budget problems and grow into the type of institution that students in the High Desert need and deserve.

We are heartened that he says he values transparency and that he has strong training in ethics, too.

Above all, we hope he leads VVC in a new commitment to excellence, that he will inspire teachers and convince youngsters that their futures will be brighter if they will step on campus and pursue a certificate or degree.

If Wagner can do that, he will have certainly proven he was the right man for the job.

- See more at:


The article was taken from the Victor Valley Daily Press 760-241-4411


Dan Braun · Works at Retired/Self Employed
Congratulations Mr. Wagner, I wish you the best. I hope that transparency and truthfulness does not sink your ship. As you know the board has had many issues and seems that they circle the wagons to protect and serve themselves rather than “public service” not only has there been enormous budget issues but also the inability to fix this problem over and over again. I would and assume many tax payers would like to know specifically what you intend on doing to address this issue and the outrageous amount of money and. Benefits the board of trustees receive monthy.
Reply · Like · 1 · Follow Post · Yesterday at 4:49pm

Bill Tuck Jr ·  Top Commenter · Mt. San Antonio College
Dr Wagner would You consider a Monthly or Quarterly News letter to the Victor Valley Tax Payers and Residents. I wish it were possible to find out the Names of any Board Members who would dare to Hurt The Righting of VVC! Would Love to Do Non Violent Political Terrorism on them. These SORRY Pieces of Garbage need to be thrown out of Office!! Best Wishes to You Dr Wagner!!
Reply · Like · Follow Post · Edited · 19 hours ago

Bill Tuck Jr ·  Top Commenter · Mt. San Antonio College
Thank You Editor Steve Hunt for You Good Commentary!!!
Reply · Like · Follow Post · 19 hours ago

Ref: Daily Press – Brooke Self / Consultant Wary Of VVC Budget Policies


Consultant wary of VVC budget policies

Posted Jun. 17, 2014 @ 7:37 am

VICTORVILLE — Two proposed budget policy changes made by the Victor Valley College Board of Trustees in March would cause the college’s finances to descend into a “downward spiral” and limit its incoming president from doing a successful job, an outside financial authority said.

Jim Austin, of Cambridge West Partnership, has served on committees for the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges and with the state’s Financial Crisis Management Assistance Team. He said the proposed measures, while showing an effort by the board to fix its ballooning salary and benefit expenses, do not directly address the previously projected $6.3 million deficit or planning issues that were the cause of recent sanctions by the ACCJC.

The two policies included restricting the percentage of the budget committed to salary and benefits for all employees to 83 percent, and specifically for classroom instructional employees to 52 percent by 2016-17.

“I was surprised, but I definitely take their expertise,” said Trustee Lorrie Denson, who helped formulate drafts of the policies with VVC Trustee Brandon Wood. “Mr. Austin said it was good we attempted. It does show we’re serious about trying to solve the situation we’re in and climb our way out of the hole.”

Austin is a former chief business officer in the California community college system and comes highly recommended, according to VVC’s Chief Financial Officer G.H. Javaheripour. He told the board that it had “no control over many of the funding issues of your district,” referring to state apportionment and local property tax revenue.

Austin said a perception that total employee compensation was too high and the college’s budget trend of greater expenses vs. revenues were two of the reasons the board has been concerned with its financial situation. He suggested that the board hold off on pursuing the policies until the fall semester, when faculty input would be greater.

He recommended the college take different strategies to improve its financial situation, including doing a classroom management schedule review to ensure that classes were being offered at times when the community needs them and not when they’re “convenient” for college faculty. He said there was no “silver bullet” proposal to remedy their financial issues.

“There are strategies that the college could pursue to address the issues,” Austin said. “But to succeed, all constituencies of the district must be intensely involved, especially the board, chief financial officer and collective bargaining units.”

Another policy to block withdrawals from the principal of the college’s $29 million Guaranteed Income Contract, or GIC Fund, was also proposed. Denson said this policy was not directly part of Austin’s comments regarding the negative budget impacts. However, Austin recommended that the board create a multi-year plan for the GIC that is “congruent with the district’s objectives and existing board policies and addresses the FCMAT and ACCJC concerns.”

Brooke Self may be reached at 760-951-6232 or You can also follow her on Twitter at @DPEduNews.


The article was taken from the Victor Valley Daily Press 760-241-4411


  • Bill Tuck Jr ·  Top Commenter · Mt. San Antonio College

    I Think a Good start would be to Replace GH Javaheripour. He did a Poor job when I was on the JJ Bond Committee! We need a winner doing his Job. He’s a Loser! Look at his track record!
  • Bill Tuck Jr ·  Top Commenter · Mt. San Antonio College

    I believe it can be done. Somethings wrong within the Board. Dr Allen had an Exilent plan. It will come to light soon. For sure before the Fall Elections!
  • Bill Tuck Jr ·  Top Commenter · Mt. San Antonio College

    Thanks for the Update DP!


Ref: Daily Press – David Pardo / New VVC President Reveals Vision For College


New VVC president reveals vision for college

The Victor Valley College board approved Roger Wagner, center, as the new president during a board meeting on Tuesday. Wagner was superintendent/president of Copper Mountain College in Joshua Tree. 

The Victor Valley College board approved Roger Wagner, center, as the new president during a board meeting on Tuesday. Wagner was superintendent/president of Copper Mountain College in Joshua Tree.
VICTORVILLE — The Victor Valley College Board of Trustees officially approved the contract for its new superintendent/president at a board meeting Tuesday.
Former Copper Mountain College president Roger Wagner’s annual contract for $192,000 plus stipends and benefits will run from July 15 to June 30, 2017. He’ll be officially sworn in to the position at the next board meeting in July.

Wagner participated in a Q&A with the Daily Press on Tuesday.

Q: What is your vision for VVC?
A: To become the college of first choice for every community member that seeks a higher education or new work-ready skills. This means accreditation without sanction, a balanced budget, increased enrollments and retention, and a working climate and culture focused on student success.

Q: Following VVC’s recent struggles to maintain accreditation, how will you work to ensure that the school does not go back down the same path?
A: I have served and chaired a number of accreditation teams and this has given be the basis to understand what the commission looks for. Probably more important is the recognition that the answer to most, if not all, issues related to accreditation rest with the faculty and staff of the college. It can be difficult to get back on track once you have been placed on a sanction by the commission, but it is also an opportunity to make the accreditation standards part of the fabric of the institution and not something that a college responds to every six years or so.

Q: Why are you interested in working at VVC?
A: First, it’s located in the desert and that is important to me. VVC is a larger college that brings with it many elements of the comprehensive community that I have experienced in the past which are not part of Copper Mountain College. I began my career working with business and industry as a contract trainer and have missed that interaction as well as music, theater, and sport programs.

Q: Tell us about your background, personal and professional.
A: Prior to my positions at Copper Mountain College, I held positions as Dean of Career and Technical Education, Dean of Economic Development, and Associate Dean of Instruction at Crowder College located in Southwest Missouri. I have served as part-time faculty in Administration of Justice, Management, and Sociology for Labette Community College in Kansas, Crowder College in Missouri, and Los Angeles Metropolitan College Overseas.

I am retired from the U.S. Air Force and earned my Doctorate in Educational Leadership from the University of Nebraska, a Masters in Organizational Management from the University of Phoenix, a Bachelors Degree in Social Sciences from the University of the Philippines, and an Associate Degree from East L.A. College.


The article was taken from the Victor Valley Daily Press 760-241-4411



Ref: Daily Press – Brook Self / HUSD Denies Bid By Board Member


Posted Jun. 13, 2014 @ 8:15 am

HESPERIA • Hesperia Unified School District officials left a contract bid for after-hours security services unopened, citing a conflict of interest, and will look for new bids for the services, according to district records.

The district received three bids total, including one from True Liberty Protection Services, which is owned by Trustee Cody Gregg. Two of the three were deemed unresponsive, and the third by Gregg’s company was left unopened, according to a district memo obtained by the Daily Press.

Board President Nicole Childs declined to comment regarding the move and referred questions to Superintendent David McLaughlin.

Gregg said in an email that he didn’t believe there was a conflict of interest as long as a board member “recuses themselves” from the vote. He claims the district, “violated our rights to participate in the open and competitive bidding process.” He also questioned whether the district’s action to not open the bid was a “form of retaliation.”

“If this information is not correct, I’d be happy to exclude our company from the bidding process,” Gregg wrote. “However, the district’s decision to automatically disqualify our bid is a concern that will need to be addressed. Who at the HUSD arbitrarily removed True Liberty Protection Services from the vendor list? And on what legal basis did this occur? ”

McLaughlin said in a written statement that board bylaws and government code “make it clear” that the board cannot award a contract in which a board member has a financial interest. The district bylaws refer to California Government Code 1090, which states that members of governing bodies “shall not be financially interested in any contract made by them in their official capacity, or by any body or board of which they are members.”

“(Assistant Superintendent of Business Services Alan) Giles and our purchasing department are vigilant in their efforts to conduct all business within strict government guidelines and regulations,” McLaughlin said. “Mindful of a possible conflict of interest, staff did not consider the proposal. The board expressed concern regarding a conflict during the meeting, and agreed to a decision to re-bid the project.”

Gregg also questioned the legality of board member Eric Swanson’s previous votes on Hesperia Teachers Association contracts that Gregg claims benefited Swanson’s spouse and household.

McLaughlin said there is an exception which “specifically provides” that a school board member may vote on collective bargaining agreements and personnel matters that affect a class of employees to which his or her relative belongs.


The article was taken from the Victor Valley Daily Press 760-241-4411


Comments :

  • Shawn Clayton · Senior Groundskeeper at Hesperia Unified School District

    We trimmed those hedges.
  • Steve Herron ·  Top Commenter · Fontana High

    The young man still has much to learn.
  • DeAnn Golden Hudgens ·  Top Commenter · Victorville, California

    Being elected to SERVE is not an opportunity for you to enhance your business opportunity!
  • Jake Tapper ·  Top Commenter · UCLA

    Hey Cody, explain why you were expelled from HUSD while you were in high school a couple of years ago.
  • Jake Tapper ·  Top Commenter · UCLA

    Hey Cody, explain why you were expelled from HUSD while you were in high school a couple of years ago.
    • Curt Cope ·  ·  Top Commenter

      Why don’t you tell us?
  • Jake Tapper ·  Top Commenter · UCLA

    Cody, the district does offer adult education classes for reading comprehension ..I’ m sure you’ll find space.
  • Rick Maschek ·  Top Commenter · UC Berkeley

    What a joke: “(Assistant Superintendent of Business Services Alan) Giles and our purchasing department are vigilant in their efforts to conduct all business within strict government guidelines and regulations,” McLaughlin said.

    Here is an example of how HUSD does what it wants; this is what government code 54956.8. says:

    {{{Notwithstanding any other provision of this chapter, a
    legislative body of a local agency may hold a closed session with its
    negotiator prior to the purchase, sale, exchange, or lease of real
    property by or for the local agency to grant authority to its
    negotiator regarding the price and terms of payment for the purchase,
    sale, exchange, or lease.
    However, prior to the closed session, the legislative body of the
    local agency shall hold an open and public session in which it
    identifies its negotiators, the real property or real properties
    which the negotiations may concern, and the person or persons with
    whom its negotiators may negotiate.}}}

    For years I have been asking the identity or location of property that negotiations are taking place at the public session prior to the closed session of board meetings and HUSD would routinely break the very code they quote in their governing board’s agenda by not revealing the property in violation of government code…even when asked to do so.So much for being ‘vigilant’.

    And HUSD is very good at retaliation.

  • Rodney Caroline · Bassett Senior High

    just sad
  • Julie Benghazi Jensen ·  Top Commenter · Victor Valley College

    Cody, you need to put your company in your wife’s name – if you’ve got one. That’s how the real politicians manage to get themselves hooked up to the public feedbag.

Ref: Daily Press – Staff / Oak Hills Community Meeting Set For Thursday Night


  • Oak Hills community meeting set for Thursday night



Jun. 12, 2014 @ 9:26 am

OAK HILLS — Staci Parks, a service specialist with the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department, will be the guest speaker at a special Oak Hills community meeting at 7 p.m. Thursday night at Oak Hills High School, 7625 Cataba Road.

The meeting will offer instruction on how to start a Neighborhood Watch program and provide tips on how to keep your home and family safe from burglaries and other crimes.

There has been a rash of burglaries in the Oak Hills community in the past few months, prompting the Oak Hills Property Owners Association to coordinate this meeting, which is supported and sponsored by the Oak Hills Municipal Advisory Council.

Attendees should park in the student parking area on Cataba Road near the stadium and follow signs to the meeting. For more information, visit and click on the CRIME link.

Victor Valley Daily Press

The article was taken from the Victor Valley Daily Press 760-241-4411


Ref: Daily Press – Gary Brodeur / Chat And Coffee With Hesperia Mayor

Chat and coffee with Hesperia mayor

Thurston "Smitty" Smith

Thurston “Smitty” Smith

Posted Jun. 12, 2014 @ 9:21 am

HESPERIA • The public is invited to join Mayor Thurston “Smitty” Smith for coffee and a chat at 10 a.m. Monday.
Meet the mayor at Courtyard by Marriott, 9619 Mariposa Road in Hesperia. Coffee is provided by the city.

Ref: Daily Press – Gary Brodeur / Ranchero Road Bridge Reconstruction Going ‘Very Well’


Ranchero Road bridge reconstruction going ‘very well’

Posted Jun. 11, 2014 @ 12:36 pm

HESPERIA — Restoration of work lost in a fire on the Interstate 15 Ranchero Road Interchange Project’s bridge is progressing “very well,” with new wooden falsework rising above the freeway, a transportation official said Tuesday.

Recovered steel girders are still being tested, straightened and retested, San Bernardino Associated Governments spokesman Tim Watkins said, while grading and paving are underway.
The contractor, Security Paving Co. Inc., is trying to salvage as much of the damaged interchange’s framework as is safely practical, he said earlier. The project’s wood and steel bridge structure burned and collapsed in an accidental fire May 5.
“The efforts for straightening some of the large steel girders used to span I-15 during bridge construction continues and has gone very well thus far,” Watkins said in an email. “Some of the testing results for the columns in the median of I-15 remain outstanding.
“While those test results will factor into the schedule for constructing the bridge, the contractor remains optimistic about completing the bridge by the end of the calendar year.”
Construction work on the interchange requires nighttime lane closures of both directions of I-15 between Oak Hill Road and Highway 395 in Hesperia through Thursday morning, transportation officials said.
No detours are necessary because at least two lanes will remain open during the operation, according to a SANBAG news release. Additionally, “Motorists can expect nighttime lane closures in the coming weeks to prepare for additional falsework and project activity,” Watkins said.
Current lane closures are as follows:
• From 9 p.m. Wednesday night until 6 a.m. Thursday — two inside lanes of northbound I-15 between Oak Hill Road and Highway 395 will be closed.
• From 9 p.m. Wednesday through 6 a.m. Thursday — one inside lane of southbound I-15 between Oak Hill Road and Highway 395 will be closed.
Gary Brodeur may be contacted at 760-951-6245 or Follow him on Twitter @DP_gbrodeur.


The article was taken from the Victor Valley Daily Press 760-241-4411




Ref: Daily Press – Andrew Namgoong / VVC Students Receive $97K In Scholarships


VVC Students receive $97K in scholarships


Jun. 10, 2014 @ 10:07 am

VICTORVILLE — Thanks to approximately 38 local scholarship sponsors and endowment funds, 88 Victor Valley College students will be able to focus more on their studies during the 2014 fall semester and worry less about financial hardships.

A total of 115 scholarships worth more than $97,000 were awarded at the annual Victor Valley College Foundation Scholarship Recognition Ceremony at the college’s Performing Arts Center last week. More than 60 students crossed the stage to receive their awards and thank their donors.
In addition to new and existing scholarships, 10 Victor Valley College students benefited from the statewide endowment created by a historic gift from Bernard Osher, who several years ago gave $25 million to help California Community College students pursue their dreams. Osher also pledged to give another $25 million to match new endowment funds established before June of 2011 at any community college in the state.
The VVC Foundation facilitates nearly a half a million dollars in scholarships received for students from both local and national organizations and manages a dozen endowments that fund scholarship awards from the earnings of principal investments.
Local organizations who would like to participate in the annual scholarship program at Victor Valley College can find out more by visiting the Foundation website at or calling Jesika Pomponio at 760-245-4271 extension 2522.


The article was taken from the Victor Valley Daily Press 760-241-4411



Ref: Daily Press – Gary Brodeur / Hesperia Working With Balanced Budget

Hesperia working with balanced budget

Posted Jun. 8, 2014 @ 12:01 am

HESPERIA • The city is poised to work with a balanced budget during the next fiscal year, and a finance director is hopeful more building permits will raise additional money.
Assistant City Manager Brian Johnson said revenue is projected to increase 1 percent over last year, delivering $71.1 million to city accounts.
Expenses are projected to decrease by 1 percent, bringing the 2014-15 budget to $77.9 million.
Though the shortfall will be covered by reserves — spent only for one-time expenses such as a final $500,000 payment on water rights and $305,000 for new digital storage capacity — every major operating fund but one will retain cash reserves of at least 10 percent, Johnson said.
“The Fire Department is having some financial challenges, but it’s manageable,” he said.
The city’s fire services have been staffed under contract with San Bernardino County Fire since 2004, said Councilman Mike Leonard, a former city firefighter.
“The fire budget has always been an issue,” he said, explaining the current problem in his view seems to hinge on a lack of communication between County Fire executives and the city.
The city gets a bill from County Fire and has little control over what is presented, Leonard said, and the situation is similar to the contract for police services provided by the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department.
Leonard said he believes a reduction in property-tax revenue, due to adjustments in assessor valuations following the economic downturn and a lack of new development, hamper efforts to balance the Fire Department budget.
He is not optimistic things will turn around soon.
On the other hand, Johnson said after three years with no new single-family construction in Hesperia, the city received permit filings for 40 residences in the past seven months or so. He expects to receive construction permit requests for about 100 homes during the fiscal year beginning July 1.
One expense that was increased at council direction is the city’s Street Rehabilitation Program, Johnson said. Originally budgeted for $2 million, it was upped to $2.5 million. That will provide additional slurry sealing to affordably meet residents’ expectations for road improvements.
The City Council is expected to consider the 2014-15 budget at its June 17 meeting.
The Hesperia City Council meets at 6:30 p.m. the first and third Tuesdays monthly at 9700 Seventh Ave. in Hesperia.
Gary Brodeur may be contacted at 760-951-6245 or Follow him on Twitter @DP_gbrodeur.


The article was taken from the Victor Valley Daily Press 760-241-4411

Ref: Daily Press – Gary Brodeur / Hesperians Vexed Over Bike Route’s Stop-sign Changes – Drivers Urged To Pay Attention


Hesperians vexed over bike route’s stop-sign changes Drivers urged to pay attention

By GARY BRODEUR, The Daily Press
Jun. 8, 2014 @ 12:01 am

HESPERIA • Progress on the area’s longest bicycle trail system is advancing with some unforeseen consequences. Motor vehicle collisions have increased markedly at one intersection following traffic-control changes that are part of the city’s bike-lane plan.
Stop signs were changed from east-west to north-south in September along Sequoia Avenue at Locust, Fifth and Second avenues as part of a plan to make bicycling along the city’s northern border safer, Hesperia spokeswoman Rachel Molina said.
“The reason for the change in alignment was to facilitate our Non-motorized Traffic Plan for that corridor,” she said. The new routing offers an alternate, safer route for bicyclists who previously chose to ride along busy Bear Valley Road, Molina said.
“The bike lanes are a great part of the (area-wide) Healthy Communities initiative,” Molina said. The city contains 35 miles of bike paths, the most of any city in the Victor Valley.
Residents at Sequoia and Locust thought city workers were enhancing the intersection’s traffic control to a four-way stop, Jennifer Williams said. But since then the sound of squealing tires is jangling their nerves.  “It’s a daily thing,” Williams said.
Since the stop-sign change, the Sequoia-Locust intersection has seen a major increase in vehicle collisions. There were two incidents in the year before the change. There have been 12 collisions since the change on Sept. 1, according to the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department.
The Sequoia-Second Avenue Intersection has also seen collisions rise, with one crash in the year before the changes and six in the eight months since.
Williams said if the frequent collisions don’t involve two vehicles, they involve a vehicle and a fence or wall at the four corners.
“Honestly, we never see people riding bikes along the street,” she said, adding that she and her neighbors would like to see a four-way stop at the intersection or something like flashing red lights to draw more attention to the change.
“Although the intersections are clearly marked, it is feasible that some of the collisions are as a result of the change in the direction of the stop signs,” Sheriff’s Hesperia Station spokeswoman Susan Rose said. “We tend to be creatures of habit and may have traveled these routes for years. Even on what we consider familiar roadways, it is important for drivers to pay attention.”
Gary Brodeur may be contacted at 760-951-6245 or Follow him on Twitter @DP_gbrodeur.


The article was taken from the Victor Valley Daily Press 760-241-4411

Comments :

Karen McLean Lanfranca ·  ·  Top Commenter · Mission Viejol High School
There needs to be a four way stop there at Locust & Sequoia, it is dangerous and people drive too fast down Sequoia. There is a hump in the intersection there too, my husband saw a guy nearly get airborne in a Camaro, he sees this kind of stuff almost on a daily basis while working. It was a bad move to just switch the Stop signs without warning, yes, everyone should see that big red sign that says Stop, however, to just switch them without notice? People are creatures of habit for the most part and I still see people stopping on Sequoia and one day, someone is going to get rear ended from it.
Reply · Like · 1 · Follow Post · June 12 at 6:41am

Jennifer Williams · Victor Valley College
This is a dangerous intersection, and while some people have argued that “stupid drivers need to pay attention”, I have heard others who claim to be good drivers admit that they have almost hit someone there. The “people need to pay attention” argument is not a strong one when involves so many lives at risk. And what about us residents that live here? It is dangerous just for us to pull out of our driveways, and it’s dangerous for some of my neighbors to be in areas of their own yard, because people have lost control trying to avoid being hit and crashed into their yards. At what point will the city realize that they need to intervene for the safety of the people who live here, and the safety of innocent drivers? Just a couple weeks ago my neighbors and I witnessed a man get hit by a truck on his motorcycle. The victim was thrown off his bike and knocked unconscious, with his head pouring out blood. Will it take the loss of lives, and thousands of dollars in damages before the city notices this problem?
Reply · Like · Follow Post · June 12 at 9:43pm

Jennifer Williams · Victor Valley College
Also, Molina stated that the change was part of the Healthy Communities initiative, but how healthy is it that collisions almost occur every day here, usually multiple times a day, and 12 collisions were reported in a 9 month period, and that doesn’t include the collisions that have gone unreported? We have apartment complexes all down Sequoia Rd, and how safe is it for families that walk and have to cross this intersection? Wouldn’t it be better to just have nonexistent bicyclists stop at a stop sign, and put a stop to this problem?
Reply · Like · Follow Post · June 12 at 9:59pm




Ref: San Bernardino County Sentinel – Mark Gutglueck / Incombents Dominate In This Year’s Primary

Incumbents Dominate In This Year’s Primary

(June 4)  All of San Bernardino County’s incumbent politicians competing in Tuesday’s primary prevailed, either winning reelection outright or qualifying for a run-off in November.

In all of the other races involving competition for open seats on the ballot, the best funded candidates consistently won, with few exceptions.

Results available mid-week included tallies from mailed-in ballots and Tuesday’s polling but were unofficial as countywide some  28,080 mail ballots received Tuesday at polling places and 4,513 damaged ballots requiring duplication still had not been counted as of early Thursday.

In the county district attorney’s race, three term incumbent Mike Ramos turned back a challenge by one of his deputy prosecutors, Grover Merritt.  Of the 116,467 votes cast, Ramos captured 71,553 or 61.44 percent. Merritt garnered 44,914 votes, or 38.56 percent.

Sheriff John McMahon, who was appointed to that position in 2012 following the resignation of former sheriff Rod Hoops, received 72,889 of the 116,432  votes cast, or 62.6 percent. Paul Schrader, who works for the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, picked up 25,830 votes or 22.18 percent. Cliff Harris, a former deputy sheriff in both San Bernardino and Riverside counties who now publishes a newspaper, received 17,713 votes or 15.21 percent.

County Treasurer/Tax Collector Larry Walker, who has held that post for five years since it was merged with the position of auditor-controller and has served in the capacity of auditor-controller since 1998, defeated Ensen Mason in the race for all four posts. Walker polled 86,189 of the 115,452 votes cast, or 74.65percent. Mason claimed 29,263 votes, or      25.35 percent.

The other county government incumbent in the race, Second District Supervisor Janice Rutherford, cruised to an easy victory over her opponent, retired sheriff’s department scientific division forensic technician Randolph Beasley, gathering 16,633 or 67.86 percent of the 24,510 votes cast. Beasley claimed 7,877 votes, or 32.14 percent.

Incumbent 8th Congressional District U.S. Representative Paul Cook, a Republican, comfortably outdistanced his three challengers, fellow Republican Paul Hannosh and Democrats Bob Conaway and Odessia Lee.

Cook received 29,269 votes or 59.03 percent to Conaway’s 8,952 votes, or 18.05 percent, Hannosh’s 6,396 votes or 12.9 percent and Lee’s 4,969 votes or 10.02 percent.

In the 47th Assembly District, incumbent Democrat Cheryl Brown overwhelmed challenger Gil Navarro, pocketing  9,953    votes or 68.25 percent to Navarro’s 4,630 votes or 31.75 percent    14,583    votes were cast in that race.

In the 52nd Assembly District race, incumbent Democrat Freddie Rodriguez with 5,662 votes, edged Republican Dorothy Pineda with 5,218 votes, 52.04 percent to 47.96 percent. Despite their second place finishes, Pineda and Navarro qualify for the November runoff.

The incumbents in three of the county government posts up for election this year chose not to seek reelection – county assessor Dennis Draeger, county superintendent of schools Gary  Thomas and Fourth District Supervisor Gary Ovitt.

Draeger endorsed his second-in-command, Dan Harp, who put on a spirited and well-mannered campaign against former State Senator Bob Dutton. Dutton, who likewise conducted an intense but gentlemanly campaign, narrowly won with 58,102 votes, or 50.14 percent of the 115,868 cast to Harp’s  57,766 or 49.86 percent.

In the race for county schools superintendent, Ted Alejandre, who was promoted to vice superintendent last year by Thomas as a ploy to increase his electability, gained the position by pulling 60,585 or 55.01 percent of the 100,144 votes cast, and dousing the electoral hopes of Rita Ramirez Dean, whose candidacy was endorsed by 32,721 or 29.71 percent of the voters, and Frank Garza, who managed to land 16,838 votes or 15.29 percent.

In the election for Fourth District Supervisor, two well-known and well-financed candidates, Congresswoman Gloria Negrete-McLeod, a Democrat, and State Assemblyman Curt Hagman, who is also chairman of the county Republican Central Committee, are seeking to replace Ovitt. Two others, Democrat Paul Vincent Avila, an Ontario city councilman, and Republican James Na, a Chino Valley Unified School District board member, also ran.  The race proved a tight one between Negrete-McLeod and Hagman, with Negrete McLeod capturing 7,796 votes or 42.99 percent and Hagman hauling down 7,276 votes or 40.12 percent. Avila boasted the support of 1,370 or 7.55 percent. Na, who withdrew from the race early and did not campaign but remained on the ballot, drew 1,694    votes or 9.34 percent.

In the 31st Congressional District race, which was thrown wide open when incumbent Republican Gary Miller elected not to seek reelection earlier this year, anti-drug crusader Paul Chabot, a Republican launched himself well ahead of the pack, which was composed of two other Republicans and four Democrats. Democrats actually have a seven percent registered voter advantage over the Republicans in the 31st. Chabot’s 11,329 votes, or 26.79 percent, placed him well in front of the second place finisher, Pete Aguilar, the Democratic mayor of Redlands, who claimed 17.42 percent of the vote, or 7,368. Aguilar only slightly edged Lesli Gooch, one of Miller’s Congressional office staffers. Gooch had 16.5 percent of the vote, i.e., 6,978 votes. The other Republican in the race, Ryan Downing, had the weakest showing, copping 1,421     or votes or 3.36 percent. The three other Democrats, Eloise Gomez Reyes, Joe Baca and Danny Tillman, polled 6,746 votes or 15.95 percent,  4,799 votes or 11.35 percent and 3,648 votes or 8.63 percent, respectively.

Despite his relatively strong showing in the primary, Chabot yet faces an uphill battle in defeating the well financed Aguilar in November, given the district’s favorable lean toward the Democratic Party registration-wise. Overall totals this week showed the Democrat candidates in the 31st District outpolling the Republicans 53.15 percent to 46.85 percent.

In San Bernardino County’s Assembly District 33, one Democrat faced off against nine Republicans. The Democrat, John Coffey, led all of the others with 7,988 of the 33,694 votes cast, or 23.71 percent. But Coffee will yet need to face the second place finisher, big Bear Mayor Jay Obernolte in November. Obernolte with 6,295 votes or 18.68 percent, edged out Michelle Ambrozic, who took third place with 5,755 votes or 17.08 percent. Given the number of ballots yet to be counted, Ambrozic at press time had not conceded defeat.  Others in the race were Rick Roelle with 5,235 votes or    15.54 percent; Bob Buhrle with 651 votes or 1.93 percent;  Art Bishop with 4,674 votes or 13.87 percent; Scott Markovich with 782 votes or 2.32 percent; Brett Savage with 1,427 votes or 4.24 percent; Robert Larivee, with 222 votes or 0.66 percent and Jerry Laws, with 665 votes or 1.97 percent.

In the 40th Assembly District, which is very nearly evenly split between Republicans and Democrats in terms of numbers of registered voters, Rancho Cucamonga Councilman Marc Steinorth, the only Republican on the ballot, captured first place with 16,328 votes, or 53.73 percent. He will face San Bernardino Community College Board Member Kathleen Henry in November. She captured 5,197 votes or 17.1 percent. Melissa O’Donnell carried 4,739 votes or 15.6 percent, and Arthur Bustamonte gleaned 4,123 votes or 13.57 percent.In the 42nd Assembly District, Republican Chad Mayes, the former Yucca Valley mayor, pulled in 5,156 votes or 48.78 percent to Democrat and Morongo Valley School Board Member  Karalee Hargrove’s 3,208 votes or 30.35 percent. Another Republican, Gary Jeandron, gobbled up 2,206 votes or 20.87 percent.

In the 20th State Senate District race, Republican Matthew Munson outpolled his four Democratic competitors with 9,415 votes or 33.53 percent. Those four Democrats, however, captured 66.47 percent of the vote, presaging a difficult race for Munson in November, when he must face second place finisher Connie Leyva, who received 5,431 votes or 19.34 percent, which put her above Shannon O’Brien, with 4,913 votes or 17.5 percent, Alfonzo Sanchez, with 4,893 votes or 17.42 percent and Sylvia Robles, with 3,430 or  12.21.

Recently elected State Senator Norma Torres was the top vote-getter to replace Gloria Negrete-McLeod as Congresswoman in the 35th Congressional District. Torres, a Democrat, trounced the others, all of whom are Democrats, with 10,614 votes, or 65.68 percent. Anthony Vieyra had 1,303 votes or 8.06 percent. Scott Heydenfeldt captured 1,617 votes or 10.01 percent. Christina Gagnier attracted 2,627 votes or 16.26. There will be a run-off between Torres and Gagnier in November.

In State Senate 16, which covers a portion of San Bernardino County’s desert region and extends into Inyo and Kern counties, Jean Fuller, a Republican, ran unopposed and polled  8,262 votes in San Bernardino County.  Prior to that race, however, Ruth Musser-Lopez. a columnist for the Sentinel,  qualified herself as a write-in candidate, and with the 38 votes she received she has now qualified to compete in the November run-off against Fuller.